Strength training can reduce risk of early death


According to a new study, doing strength-based exercise reduces the risk of dying early. The research was conducted by researchers at Sydney University. The exercises that are aimed at building muscles aren’t less important than the aerobic exercise by any means. Strength training reduces the overall risk of death and risk of dying from cancer, as indicated by the study.

When it comes to exercise, people don’t focus so much on weightlifting, doing pushups or squats as strength training seems to be more demanding and intensive when compared with aerobics. If you are only doing treadmill and skipping, then you are not doing yourself any good. Lifting weights not only helps you be in shape but also cuts your risk of dying by as much as 40%.

The findings of the study were published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Death risk lowered by strength training


Dr. Stamatakis and his team studied around 80,000 adults over the age of 30. He and his team found that people, who engaged themselves in strength training had 23% lower risk of all-cause mortality and 31% lower risk of cancer-related deaths.

Not many researches have looked at the impact of strength training on mortality. The study found that exercise promoting muscular strength are as important as other aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, etc. These are even important when it comes to reducing the risk of dying from cancer. Strength training exercise like pushups, sit-ups, lunges can even be performed at home and you may prevent yourself from regularly visiting the gym.

Dr. Stamatakis added that most people get frightened by the idea of the gym, but anyone can do basic exercise, such sit-ups, lunges and pushups to derive health benefits.

People, these days, do not invest much time in strength training and exercises and this is a matter of concern. We must increase our stamina when it comes to physical activity, so as to garner its long-term benefits.