Stay physically active to reduce chances of glaucoma in older age

stay physically active to reduce chances of glaucoma in older age

Benefits of physical activities are not limited to better heart and waistline, but it is also beneficial for eyes, reported by researchers at University of California, Los Angeles.

After analyzing the data of American adults for a longer duration, researchers found that people, who were highly active in terms of physical activities were found to have 73% lesser chances for developing glaucoma in comparison to those, who were least active.

Presently, glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the U.S.; most commonly observed in people aged over 40 years.

It was observed that with every 10-minute increase in the physical activity, the risk of developing glaucoma lowers by 25%. The study findings were presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s annual meeting, held in New Orleans.


One of the researchers, Dr. Victoria Tseng said that the study not only established association of act of exercising with reduced risk of glaucoma but also, reported that people, who did intense physical activities like running and high-speed walking, decreased their risk of glaucoma at a much faster rate in comparison to those, who exercise at a lower speed.

Researchers also said that it has been found through many studies that physical activities alter the blood flow and pressure in eyes; thus, reduces the risk of glaucoma.

Tseng also suggested that a further study is needed before any recommendation could be given to the patients about glaucoma and exercise.