Human head transplants will never work, organ transplant experts claim

human head transplants will never work organ transplant experts claim

A neurosurgeon, Dr. Sergio Canavero at the Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy said that he would again perform a live human head transplant in China. However, he hasn’t achieved any success on any previous animal trial for liver head transplant.

This is because there are numerous nerves that are connected endlessly to the brain and cannot be reattached in some other living being if the head is transplanted. If this would be the case, then treatment of damaged spinal cord would have been introduced several years ago.

It was reported that head transplant would be a painful process and even it may result in rejection as there are no immunosuppressive drugs to overcome that pain.

Canavero cannot perform any of his research in America and Europe because as per their policy, no research can be conducted on humans until it is successful on animals. Dr. Arthur Caplan agreed that Canavero has not done sufficient research on animals, so that he could go further for head transplant in humans.


Dr. Arthur Caplan is Head of Medical Ethics, New York University School of Medicine and a prominent organ transplant expert.

He also added, “If a doctor promises the most severely disabled the hope of a cure on the basis of crackpot science he is at best cruel. If you promise longer life to those whose bodies are ravaged by disease on the basis of one surgery on corpses and animal experiments that have not worked you are an immoral shyster. That is what he is.” He concluded that the concept of head transplant are baseless news.

Source: foxnews.com

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