Household chores reduces death risk in old age, study says

household chores reduces death risk in old age study says

A study in the recent past proved that simple daily household activities are beneficial for old-age women. Some of these daily activities like folding clothes, doing dishes, etc. are known to reduce death risk.

Michael LaMonte, study’s lead author and professor at University at Buffalo, New York, said that being involved in some physical activities is better than doing nothing. Even when the guidelines limit the physical activities, it’s better to be involved in some activities.

The study was performed on over 6000 women, who were of age between 63 and 99 years in the United States. It was recorded that those women, who did any kind of physical activity, when measured with accelerometer, reported to have lower risk of death.

It was concluded that those women, who did 30 minutes of physical activity a day are found to have 39% lower risk of death. Physical activities can be moderate to vigorous.


The intensity of the work depends on the type of chores like light physical activities include daily chores like folding clothes, doing dishes etc. Moderate to heavy physical activities are brisk walking, cycling and so on.

The study majorly focused on old-age women, but the fact is applicable to both young men and women too. This study was published in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.