Hepatitis A outbreak in Utah; 95 cases reported

hepatitis a outbreak in utah 95 cases reported

According to the latest report of Utah Department of Health, hepatitis A has hit the whole state. The outbreak resulted in the hospitalization of 60 percent of the patient out of 95 reported cases. The data state that patients reported to be the part of outbreak majorly involve homeless individuals and illegal drug addicts. The outbreak is linked to the regions of Arizona and California, according to Fox 13 Now.

Gray Edwards, executive director of the Salt Lake County Health Department, told that they are trying to reach all the homeless people in the areas of downtown Salt Lake on the street along the Jordan River and encouraging them to take vaccination as a prevention. He also added that the department encountered 95 cases with hepatitis A and this is a rapid increase in the number of the cases from 4 to 95.

It was also reported that death is associated with hepatitis A, since at time of outbreak in San Diego, a huge number of deaths were reported. However, till date, no death has been reported in the current outbreak.

Hepatitis A is a communicable, but preventable disease that has several modes of transmission like fecal matter, or contaminated food or drinks. Thus, there is a need to take precaution, especially at the time of cooking; and after using the washroom, one must wash hands with warm water for 20 seconds using a soap. This has been suggested by Jeffrey Eason, viral hepatitis epidemiologist from the Utah Department of Health.