FDA Warns, Male Enhancement Products May Be Dangerous

FDA Warns: Male Enhancement Products May Be Dangerous

FDA has furnished a warning letter regarding the male enhancement products which are unapproved and available at gas stations. It may seem fun to try those inexpensive but unreliable male enhancement products available at the local store. However, consumer advisory [1] from U.S. FDA says that these supplements that are unregulated present far reaching health risks.

The male enhancement products that are sold under Rhino brand having names like Platinum Rhino 25000 and Rhino 25000 contain ingredients which are similar to tadalafil (Cialis) and sildenafil (Viagra) and they also have a host of hidden components. These may interact dangerously with other prescription drugs as the consumers are not aware which drugs are there in these OTC products. The FDA statement says that consumers should be cautious about the male enhancement products that claim to offer immediate results as these may be too good to be true. Read up about them on non commercial sites than simply relying on the information furnished by the sellers.

How Are These Drugs Sold?

Now what intrigues us is that although these male enhancement pills are illegal, unregulated, dangerous yet they can be found on convenience stores and gas station. So you must know the difference between drugs and dietary supplement. The agency says that drugs are regulated by FDA before they can be sold on stores. Dietary supplements [2] are reviewed and monitored if they are misbranded or adulterated after they hit the market. So everything about the supplement market is crazy. You don’t know what you are getting and anything might happen.

Andrew Ittleman, Compliance attorney of FDA at Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph said that companies can make whatever claims they want since the system regulating dietary supplements is defective. The local law enforcement bodies, municipalities and states can regulate the dangerous male enhancement supplements being sold. He added that in most cases, the information is passed on to the FDA through these local bodies.


How are these drugs sold

How Appealing Are These Drugs

Generally men do not expect any miracles happening from these male enhancement supplements. However some of these products are successful. About 25 of these are there under the Rhino name as having unlisted and dubious ingredients. And for some reasons whatsoever the appeal is definitely greater than curiosity. Dr. Don Grant from U.K. Based online pharmacy says that there is greater proclivity in consumers towards unlicensed and unapproved Erectile Dysfunction products. The name that comes to the mind is Rhino. This is because the price of Rhino is low so it is more popular. Licensed Erectile Dysfunction products are costlier than unlicensed counterparts. Another reason why they are so popular is that consumption of unlicensed drugs does not require the intervention of a doctor and patients can themselves  have them.  Also many men are shameful about opening up their condition in front of the doctor. So a easy and quick transaction at a gas station is more appealing than paying a visit to the doctor. If you get a prescription for Cialis or Viagra from a doctor, you may have to pay for it so it may become expensive for you. So for those who want to save their money, Rhino and similar products become more appealing.

How Appealing Are These Drugs 

We Don’t Know The ill Effects

An issue with these male enhancement supplements is that the chemical composition keeps on changing. Dr. David Shusterman, director of urology, NY Urology says that they may work over short term in a safe and directed manner. These drugs work up increasing the blood flow and blood pressure  (hypertension) which is beneficial to have harder erections but can be bad for your other organs like brain, heart etc.

Shusterman said that a urologist would not give you those OTC drugs. In fact he will prescribe drugs that will work directly on the penis but will not increase blood pressure and energy levels. The benefit will be directly where you need it- that is the erection. He further added that drugs which haven’t been prescribed by the doctor should not be used at any point of time. A doctor will be able to look at the ingredients of the drug and prevent you from having something that is toxic.

We Don't Know The Ill Effects 

Remaining Abreast

Further consumers can check the dietary supplements of any kind and not just male enhancement against the FDA’s list of tainted products [3]. It is not an exhaustive list but can help consumers make more informed decisions. Also third party independent websites can help investigate retailers of medical products and supplements. Drug manufacturers have exploited legal regulations and this is prompting the governments to modify the regulation procedures. However, it is the responsibility of the consumers about doing through research and educating themselves of the pros and cons before purchasing a dangerous male enhancement supplement out there on the market. Consumers should be warned if any Erectile Dysfunction product is promising to deliver impossible results. It may probably be too good to be true.