FDA approves Ascor for scurvy treatment

fda approves ascor for scurvy treatment

A wholly owned subsidiary of McGuff Company, Inc., McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has recently announced the approval of Ascor (Ascorbic Acid Injection, USP) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ascor is available in a 50ml vial with strength of 500 mg per ml.

Ascor offers a short-term treatment for scurvy in patients aged 5 months and older. It is used in patients for whom oral administration is not feasible or who are advised otherwise.

Ascor is the first single moiety drug containing ascorbic acid that has been approved for the U.S. markets. Ronald McGuff, CEO, said the FDA approval of ascorbic acid injection will allow McGuff to supply this drug to hospitals in the U.S. McGuff pharmaceuticals holds ascorbic acid injection approvals in other countries as well.

McGuff Pharmaceuticals is building a new facility in Santa Ana, Orange County, California for manufacturing sterile pharma products.


Source: drugs.com