Fathers’ depression increases risk of kids’ mental health problems

fathers depression increases risk of kids mental health problems

According to a recent study, kids having a father with depression are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems. The study was published in the journal, The Lancet Psychiatry.
Several studies in the past reported a link between the depression of mother and her children, but this is the first study that investigated the association between father’s depression and its impact on the mental health of his children.
For the analysis, thousands of families from Ireland, Wales and England were recruited. The study was conducted under the supervision of Gemma Lewis, Researcher, Division of Psychiatry, University College London.
Lewis said that this is a complete misconception that mother’s depression is solely responsible for poor mental health of children, and father is least responsible for the same. She added that according to the research, it can be concluded that the connection between the parent and teen depression does not depend on the gender of patents; whether father or mother.
She further said that in case of family-focused interventions, where depression is studied, the major focus is given to the mothers, but the current study emphasized on fathers.
It is normal that the males approach least for the treatment of depression. But now, its high time for them as well to focus on their depression as their depression may affect the mental health of their children. According to the research, fathers’ depression significantly responsible for the poor mental health of children, and this fact might encourage them to take precautionary measures.
Lewis concluded, “The mental health of both parents should be a priority for preventing depression among adolescents. There has been far too much emphasis on mothers, but fathers are important as well.”


Source: consumer.healthday.com