Father’s Day Special–A Man Who Gave Birth and Breastfed

father’s day special–a man who gave birth and breastfed

Like all other new dads, Sabastion Sparks a 24-year-old man knew parenting would throw serious challenges at him. But, he was ready to deal with all of them. Let’s get to know more about him on this father’s day.

While most of the dads don’t exactly give birth and breastfeed their kids, Sparks was different among the lot. He was assigned female gender at birth and started transitioning just 5 years back. He wanted the transitioning to be complete as it meant a great deal to him but the immense love for his child made him stall his decision of getting his breasts removed so that he could feed his child the way most of the parents do.

Now that the child is nearly two Sparks has undergone the surgery he always wanted to do. He is feeling more complete and confidant since he got his breasts removed.
He wants his 20 month old son, Jaxen to have a normal childhood. Sparks now wants that his son should also be aware of the confidence he has being in his own skin now.

He recalls the time when he met his wife Angel at a convention for trans-genders. Angel now 33, was designated male at birth but had transitioned way back. After their marriage in 2016, they settled in suburban Atlanta. From the beginning, they knew they wanted to be parents.


Sabastion’s Journey To Fatherhood

Getting pregnant was fine but staying pregnant was difficult, according to the couple. For brief period of time they had to discontinue their hormone pills in order to conceive. Unfortunately, first time they suffered a miscarriage. They feared a miscarriage when Sabastion was carrying Jaxen.

The couple had a hard time when Sabastion was pregnant, someone close to them threatened to take their baby away. Angel was with Sabastion, giving him courage when he was in labor pains. She feels that he gifted her best thing in the whole world. At times, after Jaxen was born Sabastion had to breastfed him and all three of then garnered stares everywhere they went. Sabastion recalled the time he had to wear a compression garment to flatten his chest. He still remembers the pain it was, to wear it at a stretch 10 to 12 hours each day.

With his breast removal surgery last month, he knew his son won’t have to see people mocking Sabastion for his breasts and other womanly features.

Now Jaxen is a beaming and happy just around two years old and he has already started looking for nurturing from Angel. Jaxen always looks up to Sabastion for plays. Sabastion, who is a security guard at a distribution center, has no particular plan for this father’s day but he hopes that father-son duo will have ample opportunities in the future.

Sabastion has great plans for his son’s future. He wants Jaxen to travel the world and realize power of love. The couple has, undoubtedly, created a safe atmosphere for Jaxen but they have fears about how society will behave with a child whose parents are trans-genders.

Sabastion is considering homeschooling Jaxen while simultaneously teaching him their family values. The couple hopes that their son would be able to respect his parents for what they are and what they have done for him. They are raising him with utmost care and love. Sabastion wants to convey that it is not true that trans parents are not good enough. They are, however, like any other parents in the world.

This father’s day let’s learn how powerful love is, from this beautiful trans-gender couple Angel and Sabastion.