The Latest “ IN Thing” in Yoga – Fascia Yoga’’

fascia yoga

Fascia yoga is newly emerging in the world and many people are intrigued by it. Well, this is a new addition in the ancient science of yoga that is focused at increasing the flexibility and increasing the range of motion through stretching.

Ashley Black, the connective tissue guru, has a magical potion that will help you in increasing your flexibility and strengthening your fascia, which is an interwoven system of fibrous connective tissue that is present all over the body. Fascinating, isn’t it? Well, read on to find out more about it.

What is Fascia?

The Latin meaning of fascia is ‘bundle’ or ‘band’. Fascia is a fibrous connective tissue that is interwoven and found throughout the body. It makes a framework that supports and protects each of the muscle groups, organ and the whole body. In simple terms, you can think fascia as a thin mesh of flesh. When fascia becomes too tight, it restricts motion and when it is loosened, the range of motion increases.

Now that we know what a fascia is, we need to explore how we can strengthen it through yoga so that we are flexible as water. it will also help in taking care of the back pain.


A Glimpse into Fascia Yoga

As per Black, it is best to do fascia yoga after exercise. An equipment called Facia yoga ball hitch, a bean shaped exercise ball is used for doing the fascia yoga. There is no requirement of specialized breathing pattern or pose that needs to be followed when doing it. Fascia yoga is not just deep stretching.[1]

The crow pose, headstands and downward dog pose are all replaced by stretches. The fascia yoga ball helps in deepening the postures and provides support. With the help of fascia yoga, you can experience a very specific pull in the fascia of your hip. It helps you in getting a traction. These stretches are soul deep in nature.[2] Black mainly focuses on the hips because in most people the hips are jammed for continuous sitting. It makes you feel looser instantly and opens up your body in ways that were not known earlier. It does not make your heart rate go up or make you sweaty. While, at the same time, you get to experience the bliss that comes with yoga.