Effective ways to handle sibling rivalries

effective ways to handle sibling rivalries

Sibling rivalry is a sort of competition or jealousy among siblings. According to experts of C.S. Motts Children Hospital of Michigan Medicine, sibling rivalry may start even before the birth of the second baby.

As children go through stages of development, they change the way they relate to their siblings and parents. Toddlers may not like the idea of their sibling grabbing their toys. When they reach school, they may engage in attention tactics. When they become teenagers, they may long for independence and don’t like babysitting their younger brother or sister.

To prevent sibling rivalry, one-on-one attention should be given to each child. You could play a board game with one and watch a movie with another. Spend quality family time like eat dinner together or indulge in some exercise.

Make siblings friends with other. A mother may show pictures of the baby while he/she is growing in her belly. If visitors are there to see the new born, they may as well bring gifts for the older sibling, so that he/she does not feel left out. Sometimes, one child may need more attention than the other like he/she may have a big day at school or is sick. Have a family meeting to discuss the issues faced by children, so that they feel heard and understood.


These prevention methods can help kids resolve issues at their level and acquire necessary skills to develop into responsible adults.