Dry mouth condition in older adults may be side effects of a few medications

ry mouth condition in older adults may be side effects of a few medications

Many older adults are observing the dry mouth condition, but some time back we didn’t have any proven fact that there could be a relationship between dry mouth condition and the medicines they are taking for certain diseases.

But a research was conducted that stated the actual cause for the dry mouth condition. The research was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society which was a conclusive study of 52 types of related researches.

The dry mouth condition is when the person does not possess sufficient amount of saliva that is required to keep the mouth wet. There are several problems that can occur because of the dry mouth like trouble in chewing, swallowing, and speaking along with some oral infections.

The research conducted considering 52 samples with similar problems that helped in understanding the connection between medication and dry mouth. The researchers concluded that there are several medicines that have the property of reducing the level of saliva in mouth.


Medicines that are administered for curing urinary inconsistence, depression, insomnia, and anxiety and the diuretics for treating high blood pressure are found to cause the dry mouth condition. The urinary inconsistence medication has six-time multiple effects in causing dry mouth. These medications cause more dryness than the placebo.
Research provides a suggestion for the healthcare specialists to give special attention while prescribing medicine and their possible side effect on the concerned patient.

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