Depression rates increasing alarmingly among U.S. teens

depression rates increasing alarmingly among u.s teens

Depression has shown an alarming rise in the U.S. with teens being the most susceptible ones. According to a study by new Columbia University, wherein trends related to depression with respect to income, gender, and education have been recognized.

The study observed rate of depression in Americans with age 12 and above for a duration of 10 years that ended in 2015. Results showed that the average depression rate surged from 6.6% to 7.3%, while the rate increased from 8.7% in the year 2005 to 12.7% in 2015 among people between 12 to 17.

The study was led by Renee Goodwin, a mental health expert from the Department of Epidemiology at Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia. The research included data from 607,520 respondents to the annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Goodwin said, “Depression appears to be increasing among Americans overall, and especially among youth because depression impacts a significant percentage of the U.S. population and has serious individual and societal consequences, it is important to understand whether and how the prevalence of depression has changed over time so that trends can inform public health and outreach efforts.”


The study authors further commented that despite of the fact that depression is one of the most addressed mental disorders, it remains undiagnosed most of the times.

Researchers concluded that further research is needed at macro as well as micro level along with the consideration of individual factors that contribute to the rise in the rate of depression. This, in turn, would help to expand public health prevention and treatment initiatives.