Contracted hepatitis A on San Diego trip, tourists reported

Two tourists from the U.S. state of Utah, named Mike Johnson and Josh Oviatt, visited San Diego in August 2017. According to them, they contracted hepatitis A during the trip.

They reported that they were diagnosed with the presence of liver-damaging virus after a month of their travel.

Oviatt, who is 44, was hospitalized for four days and their third traveling partner was vaccinated promptly, and thus, he did not show any symptoms of the sickness. Johnson, who was 43 years old, reported that he experienced yellowness in his eyes and skin.

It was noted that the San Diego country in the U.S. is fighting against one of the worst epidemics, hepatitis A, in the past decades. So far, it had claimed 20 lives in the region in the last year. The hepatitis A virus lives in feces.

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