Want To Become A Better Version of yourself ? Follow These Tips

want to become a better version of yourself follow these tips

All of us want to be the best versions of ourselves, but so many wonder if it is really possible to become a better person when they are already an adult. Well, the answer is a big yes. You can always improve yourself. This however leads to various other questions like what are the best and easiest ways to become a better person. And, what are crucial self-aspects to work upon. Keep reading for knowing some most important tips to becoming a better person.

Tips To Become A Better Person:

Here are few simple to follow ways to become a better person and improved version of yourselves.

1. Let Go of Your Anger:

let go of your anger

All of us experience anger every now and then in our lives. However, uncontrolled anger can lead to several problems in our close relationships and even mess with our health. As a result, all of this may lead to stress and various health problems such as depression. That’s why it is important to learn letting go of anger for becoming a better person. Focus on observing when you feel angry and what makes you angry. This can help you in tackling your anger easily. Observe your “anger triggers” and also try to eliminate them as much as possible. If somebody makes you angry, try to limit their importance in your life if things are not working out even after discussions. Also, let go of all the grudges and grievances. Forgive others. Stay in the present moment.


2. Support Others in Need:

support others in need

Helping others is an obvious route to becoming a much better person as we have always been taught to become a person who is willing to sacrifice for others. This in many ways can actually make a person “good.” Supporting others can make us a better person because of the association between altruism and happiness.
According to a research, it is true that you feel better when you give rather than when you receive [1]. So as you feel stressed about your work and your relationships, you should take out time to support others in any way possible. Altruism indeed has its own rewards and may help you in feeling happier.

3. Accentuate Your Strengths:

accentuate your strengths

Do you lose track of time when you’re absorbed in some engaging activity or what you love doing the most? The answer would be a yes! Now most people regard this as a “flow” where you feel most happy and content in doing the things you love most. You can experience this flow by creating, writing, dancing or by learning new things that you may also teach others. Observe when you are in this state most often and try doing the same frequently. When you start learning enough about yourself and find out how to use these for benefit of others, you are actually on your way of becoming a better and a happier person.

4. Choose the”Stages of Change” Model:

choose the stages of change model

The first step towards this is to know what changes you want in your future. It is good to be specific about what you really want irrespective of how will you get there. Knowing what you dream for can help you deal with all the stressful parts of your current life.
While there are various ways to focus on particular changes you want, but the “Stages of Change” model may lead you to best version of yourself easily. This model can be adapted to whatever state of mind you have now and this actually works for most people.
What you must remember is that you don’t really push yourself to make these changes before you’re ready. Also, you shouldn’t give up if you see yourself backsliding. Believe us, it is forgivable and totally acceptable. You will definitely be on a path of becoming a better version of yourself.

5. Start Taking Care of Yourself:

start taking care of yourself

Self-care is important when you are amid all those unavoidable stressors. When you are exhausted or experiencing a general run-down; you might feel more problems with just everything. So it is important to face all these atrocities with inner peace of mind.

Conversely, when you are taking care of yourself, you become engaged with whatever comes your way and deal with it too.

Taking proper care of your soul, mind and body can help you in handling stress effectively.
Sleep is crucial for both emotional and physical wellbeing as little or prolonged insomnia can lead to you even more stress and frustration. Rely on your good friends as they can support you emotionally. Finally, take out a little time all for yourself.

6. Become User-Friendly:

become user friendly

Our relationships can help us escape from stress and also make us a better person. While if our relationships turn toxic, they can also lead to unnecessary stress. When we actually work to become a better family member, partner, friend; we are also on a path of becoming a better person.


Learning ways to resolve conflict can both improve you and your relationships. Also, learn anger management techniques.

Undoubtedly, all these ways can help us to become better versions of ourselves.