Fiorinal – Information, Uses, Side Effects and Dosage

aspirin and butalbital

Drug trade name- Fiorinal

Category- Analgesic

Generic name- aspirin, butalbital and caffeine

Introduction and quick information:


Fiorinal is a combination of drugs that contain caffeine, butalbital and aspirin. It is little bit different from its alternative Fioricet in which acetaminophen is used instead of aspirin. So, people have an option to choose another drug if they are allergic to aspirin or acetaminophen. All these drugs have different kind of mode of action, they help to reduce the pain in their own way.

Sometimes, some concentrations of codeine are also added to Fiorinal because codeine in combination with aspirin provides greater analgesic effect than aspirin itself. But this combination is equally dangerous in some cases.    

Is it approved By FDA?     

For the treatment of complex tension-type headache, FDA approved Fiorinal. Apart from this, Fiorinal is also used off-label for the treatment of migraines.  

Usage and Benefits of Fiorinal:

Fiorinal is a combination of 3 drugs that have their own benefits discussed below-

The above combination makes it an effective drug for the treatment of tension headaches. These constituent drugs can play their own specific role to bring extra benefits that provide extra advantage to your complete health.  

Fiorinal Side Effects:

The common side effects of Fiorinal are given below:

Also, inform your healthcare provider if you are suffering from any of the following diseases before using Fiorinal-

If you are suffering from any of the above listed problems, then the need of dose adjustment and monitoring of body health may arise.

General recommended dosages of Fiorinal:


Fiorinal should be taken exactly according to the doctor’s direction and ask him to explain to you the whole process of taking it safely. General recommended dosage for adults is 2 capsules a day but your dosage can be different. Because dosage is always different based on the severity of the disease of the patient.

If your dosage is not same as that of a person with same problems then it is not surprising because he might be taking it for longer than you or his condition is much severe/better than yours.  

In case I miss the dose?

Missing a dose doesn’t make much difference. It could be a result of your busy schedule and you may remember it later. You can take the missed dose at the moment you remember it and if it is almost the time for next scheduled dose then you have to skip that dose because you may have to face adverse effects of it in case you take double dose. 

In case I take overdose?

Have you taken an overdose? Now, it is time to worry because overdose may cause severe side-effects. In case of overdose, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Drug Interactions of Fiorinal:

Fiorinal also have the tendency to interact with some drugs just like other. Drugs that may cause severe interaction with Fiorinal are listed below-

The above listed drugs are those that cause severe drug interactions with Fiorinal but there may be more. So, ask your doctor whether other medications you are using will cause harmful interaction or not.

Life style and food habits you must follow when on Fiorinal:

Take the proper nutrition and avoid to those food products that has the possibility to interact with Fiorinal. If you are a smoker, quit it. Also, alcohol consumption during Fiorinal dosage increases stomach bleeding risk. 

You can also bring some changes in your lifestyle and food habits in order to raise the immunity power of your body so that your body become less prone to diseases. You can also avoid junk food because it can cause chemical imbalance in your brain that can also cause tension headache.  

Follow the instruction of doctor’s advice.

How safe is Fiorinal for pregnant women or Nursing mothers?

Fiorinal is a pregnancy category C drug according to the standards set by FDA. According to FDA, it is not sure whether Fiorinal is safe for pregnant women or not but still doctor’s advice is recommended because animal studies have shown negative results.

It is considered safe for breast-feeding mothers because studies have revealed that Fiorinal passes into breast milk in small amount that do not cause any significant harm to the infant but still doctor’s advice is necessary because the infant may be allergic to Fiorinal.      

Complications and Conditions possible due to prolonged use of Fiorinal:

Prolonged use of fiorinal can raise the level of aspirin in your blood that could be dangerous. It can also cause addiction because the butalbital content of Fiorinal is abusive and habit-forming. Thus sudden stoppage of this medication after prolonged use is equally harmful. There may be a feeling in you that it is your basic need and you need it desperately. This desperation will bring extra weakness and even cause hallucination as it affects brain and nerve impulses.   

Availability of Fiorinal:

Fiorinal is made available at various local stores and government hospitals by FDA but only on doctor’s prescription. It is available in the form of capsules of different strengths. The tablet form has been discontinued by FDA.

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