Caduet – Information, Use and Side Effects

amlodipine & atorvastatin

Drug Trade Name: Caduet

Category: Antihyperlipidemic combinations & Antihypertensive combinations

Generic Name: Amlodipine & Atorvastatin

Group: Antihyperlipidemic combinations & Antihypertensive combinations


Introduction and Quick information:

Atorvastatin belongs to a group of drugs known as Statins or HMG CoA reductase inhibitors. Atorvastatin and Amlodipine decrease the levels of triglycerides & “LDL” (low-density lipoprotein) bad cholesterol in our blood, on the other hand, increases the levels of “HDL” (high-density lipoprotein) good cholesterol.

Amlodipine belongs to a class of medicines known as calcium channel blockers. Amlodipine relaxes the blood vessel to improve blood flow & thus making it easy for the heart to pump.

The combination of atorvastatin &amlodipine is used to cure (chest pain) angina or hypertension (high blood pressure) and to lower the risk of heart attack, stroke & other heart complications in some people with coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes or other risk factors.

Atorvastatin & Amlodipine is used in children (at least 10 years old) & adults

Is it approved By FDA?

This drug was approved in 2004, January 30 by FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

Usage and Benefits of Caduet:

It is used to-

Caduet Side Effects:

The term side effects tell about the inevitable & unavoidable effects of a medicine. Adverse effects have nothing to do with medicines intended use. Well, occurrences of unpleasant effects depend on sex, age, consumption of other drugs or your way of living etc. To get rid of unwanted effects, it is necessary to visit your doctor right off.

Frequent Caduet Side Effects (Commonly Seen)-


These side effects are not pernicious to health and can be cured either by you or your healthcare provider. If they persist for a long time, you must check with your doctor promptly to escape from deleterious effects.

Less serious side effects may include:

Infrequent CaduetSide Effects (Commonly Seen)-

Never avert your gaze from severe effects and make a move to any nearby hospital, pharmacist or your doctor.

General recommended dosages of Caduet:

It is mandatory to have an exact dose of medicine as recommended by your medical healthcare professional or as directed on the label of this medicine to get the best results.

Atorvastatin & Amlodipine is taken once a day either with food or without food at the same time every day.  Your medical healthcare provider may alter the dose of medicine to get the best results.

This medicine is used for a long period of time to cure increased cholesterol levels.

In case I miss the dose?

Don’t get freaked out if you have missed a dose. It is rather normal to miss a medicine. Sometimes we get to realize at the time of the second dose that we have forgotten to have the previous dose, in this situation you should skip the previous dose & take a current dose.

If you have missed more than one scheduled dose, you must make a rush to your doctor to stamp out this problem.

If you’ve forgotten to take a scheduled dose of this medicine, have it the moment you remember it.

Remember: Don’t take a double dose to compensate for the missed dose.

In case I take overdose?

An overdose of Caduet is not likely to occur in a clinic or setting hospital. But an overdose of most of the drugs affects the body as well brain so use just as directed on the label, or as recommended by your doctor. Do not use in larger or smaller quantities or for longer than recommended.

Caduet Overdose symptoms may include-

As you notice the symptoms of overdose, contact your emergency room or local PCC (Poison Control Centre) at once.

Drug Interactions of Caduet:

Drug interaction occurs when the outcome of a specific medicine is changed when it is used in combination with another tobacco, drug, and alcohol or with another food results in negative effects.

A list of drugs is mentioned below that have the ability to interact with Caduet, if used together, results in unpleasant effects that are dangerous to the human body.

Well, this is not the complete list all medicines; there may be other drugs that are not given here. You should tell your doctor if you are having these drugs or other medicines besides Caduet.

Lifestyle and food habits you must follow when on Caduet:

Our lifestyle & food habits affect the efficacy of a drug. Caduet will not be as effective as it should have been if you do not follow the diet plan prescribed by your medical healthcare provider.

Caduet is mere a part of a complete program of treatment that contains exercise, weight control & diet.

People should follow their diet, exercise routines & medication very closely.

How safe is Caduet for pregnant women or Nursing Mothers?

Caduet is under a pregnancy category X. This indicates that Caduet is very dangerous for infants. Caduet causes birth defects in unborn babies. You should not take this drug during pregnancy.  Let your doctor know if you are pregnant or become pregnant. You should shun pregnancy while taking this medicine by swallowing birth control pills.

Caduet excretes into the breast milk. It could be hazardous to a nursing baby. Do not take this medicine during breastfeeding.

Complications and Conditions possible due to prolonged use of Caduet:

Dependency on medicines occurs, sooner or later over the time. When medications are inhibited, this causes weakness in your body. So don’t forget to check with your doctor before you stop, start or alter the dose of any drug.

Availability of Caduet:

Caduet is FDA approved medicine. You can buy it easily only by prescription at any medical store or at government recognized hospitals. You should also talk to your medical healthcare provider about its availability, in case you do not get this drug.



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