Important Nutrients You Need to Improve Your Health and Beauty

Important Nutrients You Need to Improve Your Health and Beauty

While addressing the readers, Kimberly Snyder says that she has often talked about sleep as it plays a very important role in maintaining wellbeing, energy, health and beauty. But many of us do not experience a good night’s sleep. You must really know what all nutrients can help you sleep better at night.

In this blog, Kimberly talks about nutrients that help you sleep better. These are:

  • Tryptophan: The first nutrient she talks about is tryptophan, an amino acid. It promotes great sleep. It resembles melatonin. Tryptophan can be found in gluten-free carbohydrates like brown rice. One could get it from quinoa as well. In fact, Kimberly has shared a quinoa recipe. These can be easily digested so you can have it in your dinner probably three hours before going to bed. This way you can get the sleep nutrient.


  • Magnesium: The next one that Kimberly talks about is magnesium. There are many people who lack magnesium in their body. It is an essential component to have a healthy and good sleep. A lot of green vegetables contain magnesium so do not miss out on your greens. In the evening, you can go for warm almond milk. It has both magnesium and calcium. You could add turmeric or cinnamon. You can prepare this herbal drink which will keep you warm and will also promote or enhance your sleep.

Nutrients in Passion Flower

  • Nutrients in Passion Flower: Some phytonutrients in passion flower help relieve anxiety as depicted in some studies. Well, one of the prime reasons why we can’t sleep is that we are excessively anxious, and our minds don’t stop thinking. So, passion flower is great for stopping the thoughts that race through your mind and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Further, Kimberly advises against having spicy foods in the evenings. Talking about food, we must take our entire lifestyle into consideration. It’s the whole thing and not just the tastes that we want to have and enjoy.

She says if you really want to have something spicy, have it in the earlier part of the day. Maybe for lunch. This is because spicy food in the evenings can be stimulating and it keeps us awake. It can upset our stomach and is not digested properly. So, do not eat something heavy in the night. Eat mild stuff for dinner to have good sleep and proper rest.

She is hopeful that all these tips would help the readers sleep better. And it’s time you should start paying attention to your sleep. She wishes that you get proper sleep and feel amazing.