How to Distinguish Between Good Stress and Bad Stress

How to Distinguish Between Good Stress and Bad Stress

In this article, Kimberly wants to discuss about the differences between bad stress and good stress. She also talks about the ways to protect oneself from bad stress.

She says that when we hear the word ‘stress,’ we automatically relate it to something bad. It’s our reflex action. But, this is far from reality. We don’t want stress in our life and want to completely cut out on it. However, there is a positive side to it too.

There is a type of stress, known as good stress. It is known as ‘eustress’ in Latin. This means positive or beneficial stress. This type of stress motivates us and boosts our creativity.

Kimberly says that when we are having some presentation or something that needs us to focus, we can get the motivation from the positive stress. It is beneficial for us and it improves cognitive function of our brain, helping us focus in the long run. Kimberly says that this type of stress is not at all bad.


However, what is disturbing is that there is bad stress too. It creates tension in our life. We are always on our toes. Our schedules are hectic and out of balance. There are many other forms in which stress disturbs us. We get stuck in traffic. We have to be on social networking sites all the time. We are occupied with our work emails and we are only running here and there.

This is a long-term chronic stress that causes inflammation and destroys our health. We want to avoid this type of stress. It is different from the positive one and keeps gnawing us.

Kimberly adds that our body is like a machine. If we stress our body too much, it will definitely have an impact on our general wellbeing.

Overcoming Bad Stress

First things first! We need to understand that we cannot control everything. Life only gets crazier. We need to accept and understand that not everything will happen the way we want it to be. We must go with the flow and bring this into practice.

Kimberly says that we are all born with different types of personalities. Some people want to exercise control over situations. But, this may not be always possible. So, we have to teach ourselves to let go.

To overcome stress, you can start your day with meditation. This is the time when we can bring calmness and root ourselves in the present without getting swayed away with thoughts from the past and anxieties about the future. The rest of the day can be very easy if we practice meditation, according to Kimberly.

Otherwise, you would remain too engrossed with the ups and downs of life. Of course, life presents us with many situations that make us moody and pissed. So, it is great to have that positive stress which is like an anchor which supports us.

Kimberly emphasizes the importance of adequate sleep. Bad stress usually occurs when we do not get enough sleep and this stresses us out all the more. You should adopt measures to better your sleep, such as not using devices while in the bed room and taking care of sleep hygiene.

Also, you must take care of your diet. Add adaptogens like ashwagandha in your diet. These help us cope with stress, making our bodies more resilient.

Kimberly hopes that this piece of information regarding good stress and bad stress would help people distinguish between them, and definitely serve its purpose of protecting people from developing the bad one.

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