10 Human Behavior That Are Still A Mystery For Science

Human Behavior


Do you know why do we laugh, dream, blush or kiss? Ever thought of a reason behind it? Even scientists are not able to find any clue. Strange! right? Humans behave in multiple ways according to our mood, each has a different meaning. We feel shy when our loved ones praise us, we kiss when we want to show our love to others, we are superstitious when we swing our hanging legs, see a black cat, hang rubbish things outside houses, these small things are to think about.

Well, let’s move forward to know about the common human behavior that scientists are also unable to fully explain them.

10. Shyness

It is the stage in which one person feels nervous from the other person in talking or with the strange environment. This nature can be easily understood but why it happens is still a big question.

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9. Superstition

This is the human behavior which can be expressed as positive and negative both. It was said that the old people are more into this but now it is not like that at all. It involves breaking a mirror, bad news comes in threes, not opening an umbrella inside. Do you know, saying bless you when someone sneezes are also superstition. Imagine!

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8. Blushing

It is a very common human behavior. This trait is situational, if a person is being lovestruck or a person is telling a lie, in both cases the reddening of cheeks refers to blushing. It can occur in happy moods as well as in tensed mood.

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7. Art

Art is nothing but creativity. Singing, dancing, painting, cooking are not only hobbies a human can adopt. These are the forms of art which give peace to the inner body of a human. Art can be defined as the knowledge and the experience a human can have.

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6. Adolescence

Adolescence is the stage which is between late childhood and early adulthood. In simple words, it is the stage when puberty comes, the human grows with the changes like emotions, culture and spiritual passion, sexual.

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5. Picking your nose

Sounding funny? It isn’t. We all have done this in our childhood. But ever thought of the reason behind it? No? Science also cannot answer this. It is the unappealing but a very common behavior. Some surveys indicate that it is almost universal, people picking their nose on an average of four times a day.

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4. Kissing

Kissing? The first thing which comes in our minds is love. Kissing is basically a gesture to show our love, passion, emotion, feeling, affection with others. It is said that kissing is very good for a human body as it releases stress and makes a strong bond and relationship with others.

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3. Selflessness

It generally represents the respect, regard for others. Doing something good for others’ welfare is a human nature and it cannot be changed. Why it is like that, of course we don’t know if the other person will return the favor but we still help them in their bad situations. Why? Do you have any answer?

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2. Laughter

Laughing is the human behavior which helps to improve the mood of a person. It can arise from tickling, cracking jokes. It helps the humans to make a strong bond with each other. It also helps in releasing stress if not for permanent then at least for some short period of time.

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1. Dreaming

The dream is that peaceful state of mind which is free from stress. Dreams changes with the different stages of life. It is the time when we are the protagonist and we own the leadership of our kingdom. But there is this other side too in which we have some strange visions and the reason behind that is still unexplained.

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