How to lose weight fast – naturally without exercise

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Diet is the only way to lose weight naturally without any exercise or technical method. Exercise is beneficial for health but sometimes some health issues restrict your physical movement. This is why you have to cut your food habits and control your lifestyle to shed your pounds. Obesity is a health condition that induces health disorders such as increasing cholesterol, heart diseases, poor metabolism, thyroid problems etc. thus is is very important to lose your weight to live a steady and joyful life. Let’s explore here how to lose weight fast with such simple tips.

  • Chew food properly and slowly: Those who eat fast are prone to overweight. So, eat slowly and chew your food well. Brain takes time to realize the food intake amount. Slow chewing allows your brain to understand that you consumed adequate food.
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  • Use small dishes for serving: Small plates will allow you to take less food whereas, in case of large plates you will always feel that you have takes less food. Try this one and help your brain.
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  • Consume high protein diet: Protein will make you feel that your are filled with food. Protein consumption helps you to lose your appetite and automatically you will intake less food.
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  • Avoid unhealthy food: Avoid high calorie foods. Arrange your fridge in such way that healthy food can be visible at the first glance. Either avoid the sweets, sugary beverages, preserved and canned food or keep them at the corner of the fridge.
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  • Take fiber rich diet: Intake mostly fibers such as, oats, asparagus, oats, oranges, sprouts etc. Because these fibers become gel when contact with water. This keeps the stomach full for long time and lower your appetite.
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  • Have lots and lots of water: In a research it has proved that, having water half an hour before your meal is really helpful to reduce your weight.
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  • Serve small portion for yourself: Take small portions of food. Keep little space in your stomach even after your meal.
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  • Try avoiding electronic distractions: You eat more while watching TV or playing your favorite video game. Because you don’t know how much food you have taken. Activities while having food distracts you anyway.
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  • Avoid stress and take ample amount of sleep: Stress and sleep comes with each other. While less sleep results more stress, adequate sleep will lead to release your stress. Further more, proper good night sleep helps your hormones to regulate and control your appetite, mood etc.
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  • Eliminate sugary foods and drinks: Avoid sugar in any circumstances. Sweet, sweeteners, sugary beverages should be exempted from your daily diet.
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  • Brew some coffee: Coffee will add caffeine to your system. Caffeine is an ingredient that helps to keep your metabolism and by burning your extra pounds.

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  • Power up your breakfast: Since, breakfast is the first food of the day, it is important to constitute of all the essential nutrients. This will regulate your metabolism throughout the day and allow the nutrients to absorb well.
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  • Green tea: Green tea helps you to lose your belly fat. Eventually, it helps to burn your fat and reduce weight.
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  • Meal timing: Meal timing plays a vital role in your weight loss process. Those who eat heavy lunch are tend to overweight eventually. Try to have low calorie lunch followed by a heavy breakfast. Also make the dinner light and early.
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  • Improve your posture: Some everyday postures such as standing, siting, pulling your body upward, walking properly will definitely help you to lose some carbs.
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  • Avoid fat: This is a strict rule that you can not consume fat anymore. Don’t forget that your are on the way to lose fat and this is the unavoidable rule that not fat intake. But, you can intake good fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats those are essential for your health.source of Avoid-fat