How Effective Are CBD Oil Products for Skin

how effective are cbd oil products for skin

CBD or cannabidiol oil or CBD hemp oil is a product from hemp – a variety of Cannabis sativa. It contains high-cannabidiol (CBD) and low-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) components. As hemp doesn’t contain any psychoactive component, hemp CBD oil is employed for a bevy of medicinal purposes. CBD oil has never extracted from marijuana plant, because it is saturated with THC, a highly psychoactive compound. Another possible reason is that CBD oil is extracted from hemp and not marijuana, since marijuana is still illegal in most countries. On the other hand, hemp is legal in many countries and produced for industrial purposes and medicinal uses of its extracts.

Types of CBD Oil Products:

You might get confuse between pure CBD oil and olive oil if you compare their color. CBD oil is too has a golden color, just like olive oil. However, CBD oil sometimes can be brownish or little greenish in color. Pure CBD oil is rare and expensive as well. Products of CBD oil contains only a small percentage of CBD. Thicker CBD oil or its products have high concentration of CBD. So, it can be concluded that the thickness or viscosity depends on the CBD content of any CBD product. Listed below are several CBD oil products that are readily available in the market:

1. CBD Oil Capsules: Like many other medicines, CBD also comes in the form of capsules. As a matter of fact, people usually prefer capsule form of medicines, because it’s easy to consume, store and carry. Capsules always contain a fixed concentration of CBD, so one can consume it with perfect dosage recommended by a doctor or other professional.

cbd oil capsules


2. Pure CBD oil: It is the most concentrated form of CBD available in the market. This flavorless and strong form of CBD can be consumed, either orally or in the form of vapors.

pure cbd oil

3. CBD Oil Sprays: Sprays are the diluted forms of CBD oil that one can consume, either topically or orally.

cbd oil sprays

4. CBD Oil Vapors: You can inhale it if you are opting for the vapor form of CBD oil according to your requirement. It directly reaches the lung and thereafter, into the blood stream.

cbd oil vapors

How CBD Oil is Beneficial for Skin:

CBD hemp oil is an ideal skin care ingredient that you don’t have to remove it like other skin applications. It gets directly absorbed by the skin without blocking the skin pores or leaving a thin greasy layer on the uppermost layer of skin cells. The CBD oil-based skin-care products contain vitamins, minerals and other ingredients that helps make the skin glow and smooth.

how cbd oil is beneficial for skin

Essential Vitamins:

CBD oil-based skin products is a wonderful source of all skin-friendly vitamins – E, C, B, A, D. Vitamin E and C works as antioxidants that protects skin cells from the detrimental activities of free radicals. Likewise, vitamins A and D supports the flexibility of the skin by regulating the production of collagen and elastin in skin cells. These are also responsible to make your skin soft and smooth. CBD hemp oil also contains vitamin B that helps re-growth of cells for both skin and hair.

Omega Fatty Acids:

CBD hemp oil largely contains omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. These two components together make the skin and hair shiny and glowing. These fatty acids are important ingredients that restrict fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots on the skin. They also nourish hair, and inhibit dry and dull hair, split ends and rough hair.

Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Effect:

Results of several researches claim that CBD contains excellent amount of antioxidants and exhibit anti-inflammatory effect. The antioxidant characteristics restrict fine-lines, wrinkles and patches on your skin as well as protect healthy skin cells from free radical activities. Whereas, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help to reduce skin inflammation; resulting in smooth and glowing skin. Both the properties of CBD are equally helpful for your hair.

Hair Benefits of CBD Oil:

Soft and strong hair condition is not too far from you if you are regularly using CBD oil. CBD nourishes the scalp and supply adequate nutrients to the hair. The oil itself along with its hair-friendly ingredients make hair strong, shiny and soft. Furthermore, it prevents dry, broken and split end conditions of hair.


Skin Benefits of CBD Oil:

skin benefits of cbd oil

1. Nourishes Skin : CBD oil products nourishes skin with its vitamin and fatty acid ingredients, i.e., vitamins A, C, D, B, E as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Vitamins help protect skin from free radicals, improve skin elasticity and enhance cell re-growth. CBD oil is directly absorbed by the skin cells. It is not like other topic solutions those need to remove. CBD oil even nourishes the cell pores without blocking them. This is why CBD oil is a complete skin care solution for you.

2. Removes Wrinkles: Vitamin C and E, the antioxidant ingredients of CBD oil protect skin from free-radicals, UV rays, pollution, dust and smoke. That is why the oil is a beneficial anti-aging agent. Moreover, it helps remove wrinkles and fine-lines by supporting collagen growth in the skin.

3. Improves Overall Skin Condition: Vitamin A and D ingredients of CBD oil helps make the skin smoother and brighter. They enhance skin elasticity by improving the growth and production of collagen and elastin fibers. It also works to stop abnormal growth of skin cells.

4. Acts as an Antibiotic and Heals Wounds: CBD oil helps fight against skin infection. Its topical application cleans wounds. CBD is able to control skin cell generation. It heals wounds faster by removing dead cells and generating new cells. However, direct application on the wound is not recommended. Instead, massage it smoothly at the nearby area of the wound to get the best results.

5. Reduces Symptoms of Eczema: Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that results in dry skin, itching, irritation and uncomfortable feeling. It can be of different types. CBD oil nourishes and moisturizes the affected cells. Eventually, the oil supplies adequate moisture and nutrients, and repairs the damage.

6. Prevents Acne: Young people mostly suffer from acne due to hormonal changes as they grow. Apart from hormonal changes, one can have oily skin. The oil comes from the stored lipid or fat in the body. This oil along with dirt and dust from external sources block the skin pores, which lead to acne formation. CBD oil cleans the pores and prevents acne formation. Besides, it also reduces inflammation from acne.