Hair Thinning — Reasons and Cure

Hair Thinning -- Reasons and Cure

It is not surprising that hair is a very important part of the personality of a person. It speaks a lot about you. Not only your facial features define your beauty, but also your hair. That is why, these days, people invest so much of time and money on their hair.

Apart from maintaining physical fitness, hair is an important aspect, which contributes to the attractiveness of a person. Well-maintained hair signifies high level of confidence and self-esteem, and at the same time, it is important for the wellbeing of a person.

Shiny and healthy hair leave a good impression. Hair care is a very important aspect. Good hair care requires you to have healthy hair and avoid damage to hair that can cause loss of hair or hair thinning. Just shampooing and conditioning the hair is not enough. One must take care for it daily to have healthy hair.

If your hair is becoming thin, there could be an underlying issue with the hair cycle. Each hair follicle goes through three phases. First is the growth phase. This phase continues for two to three years. Then comes the resting phase, when hair do not grow. This continues for about 3 months. This is followed by shedding phase.


At any given time, around 90% of hair are in growth phase, while 5-9% are in resting phase and a very minute fraction is in shedding phase, i.e., the hair that you are losing. This is hair loss. Hair thinning occurs when the hair follicles are in the resting stage and hair is not able to grow to its full potential.

Most people shed around 100 hairs a day. This does not cause thinning of scalp as new hairs grow at the same time. The condition of thinning of hair is seen more prominently in females.

Thinning of hair and hair loss both are used interchangeably by some people. Generally, hair thinning happens in the early stages of hair loss. We must also understand the difference between male thinning hair and female thinning hair. In men, thinning of hair generally results in baldness. In women, however, hair becomes thinner and they don’t have complete baldness.

Reasons for Hair Thinning

Below-discussed factors may be blamed for thinning of hair:

Cure for Hair Thinning

The following methods can be adopted to deal with hair thinning:

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