Tummy Ache in Infants – Best 5 Home Remedies

tummy ache in infants best5 home remedies

Everyone loves laughing and smiling babies, but there are times when you see a child cry because there is something wrong with him or her. There can be many reasons, but one of the most common reasons for irritability in children is tummy ache.

There are various factors that can cause tummy ache in infants. This include problems such as gas pain, constipation, or some allergy caused by milk or some foods. Swelling in the stomach area of babies or repetitive pulling of their legs up to the chest is a sign that they are suffering from tummy ache.

Parents usually start worrying when they observe these symptoms in their infants, and often check a doctor to treat their child. But is it the only way to resolve this problem? Well, the answer is no. Following are some effective home remedies that can help in relieving tummy ache in your baby:

1. Honey

Honey is a popular food substance loaded with antioxidants, carbohydrates, and sugars. It can be very effective in relieving tummy pain. However, the direct use of honey in infants younger than 1 year of age is forbidden because it can increase the risk of botulism in them. However, you can use a little amount of honey along with water to make tea for them or can also feed one teaspoon of honey (at room temperature) to treat tummy ache.



2. Herbal Tea

A tea prepared from herbs such as chamomile, ginger, mint, etc. can be given to a baby suffering from tummy ache. Chamomile has natural anti-inflammatory properties and can help in dealing with stomach cramps, while ginger can relieve stomach pain and reduce nausea. Mints are very effective in eliminating bacteria responsible for stomach ache.

All the ingredients of herbal tea are beneficial for the stomach of your baby. However, just remember to not give too much of them to your little one, as some of its ingredients might be harmful when used in excess amount.

herbal tea

3. Warm Compressions

One of the most effective remedy to provide relief to small infants from tummy ache is warm compressions. All you need to do is take a small water bottle (not too heavy) and fill it with warm water. Now, gently massage the tummy of the baby with the bottle without applying a lot of pressure to it. Also, don’t apply the bottle directly, instead cover it with some piece of cloth like a towel. This helps in controlling the temperature of the bottle, because what feels warm to you, might be hot for the sensitive skin of your baby. This helps in improving the blood flow and helps in treating tummy ache.

warm compressions

4. Burping

When tummy ache is caused by gas, it can be relieved by helping the baby to burp. Burping releases the gas from body and provides relief to baby’s stomach. There are some common ways that can help you in making your baby burp, these are:

  • Lie your baby down on your lap, while his/her tummy gently pressed against your thigh. Now, gently pat their back. This helps baby in burping and relieves gas pain..
  • Tummy time is a great exercise which makes the neck, back and rest of the body of your baby strong, and also helps in relieving tummy ache. All you need to do is make your baby lie down while their tummy touching the ground for a few minutes every day. The baby can rest their head on the ground or raise it up, depending on them. Also, spread a cloth on the ground for hygiene purpose.


5. Foot Reflexology

Providing special massage to the left foot of your baby can be effective in reducing their stomach ache. It is generally believed that massaging certain areas of the feet and the hands can have calming effect on other areas of body.

It is believed that the tummy of a baby coincides with the central arch of the left foot of a baby. Just make your baby lie down on a flat surface and gently hold his/her left foot with both of your hands and gently massage them using your thumb. This can be helpful in reducing the tummy ache and providing relief from the pain.

foot reflexology