Your Three Mistakes That Are Making Your Child Obese

Your Three Mistakes That Are Making Your Child Obese

Increasing childhood obesity is a reason to worry about. According to the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH), almost 75-80% of obese children will become obese adults. Dr. Phil McGraw explains top three mistakes you could be making that would make your child obese.

Here is how you might be making your child obese:

1. Shaping their taste and the environment: Dr. Phil McGraw explains that kids don’t have innate preference for junk foods such as Twinkies and French fries. The kids acquire the taste according to what is around them and the most consumed foods at home. It is important to make your child realize that it is quite normal to consume healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts. Your kids will consume what is easily available to them at home. So, you need to avoid keeping highly processed and sugary foods at home and replacing them with healthier alternatives.

2. Not practicing what you are teaching: If you don’t consume healthy foods and exercise regularly, your children may do the same. Start making healthier lifestyle changes now. Make it a point to stick religiously to your workout routine and consume healthy food daily. If your child observes a dynamic and healthier lifestyle change, he/she will be more comfortable in adapting the change.


3. Overfeeding or putting your child to crash diet: Allowing your kids to consume junk food regularly might make them happy, but they might have to bear several physical and emotional repercussions for your lenience. Alternatively, limiting their calorie consumption strictly might adversely affect their growth and development. Dr. Phil does not recommend dieting for kids and rather emphasizes a complete lifestyle change.

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