7 Rules of Weight Loss to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

Choose the Right Type of Foods

Achieving permanent weight loss is a struggle for many people. Losing weight may be easy but keeping it off for long may not be that easy. It is important to understand how this can be achieved. Mastery over the keys given by Dr. Phil for weight loss helps you channel your commitment and notice meaningful results.

Successful weight loss is about a right combination of the tips that have been discussed in this article. It is all about eliminating negative thinking patterns, healing emotions that obstruct your positive relation with food, and changing your lifestyle or the way you live.

Read on to know what Dr. Phil has to say to help you get rid of excess weight or basically, manage your weight.

Key 1: Develop Positive Thinking Pattern

While dealing with weight loss, it is important to give up on impeding thoughts as they are nothing but useless. These thoughts can be overwhelming and prevent you from developing a positive behavior. At times, we act on the spur of these negative emotions. Dr. Phil suggests that these thoughts must be challenged. Your thinking must be regulated and monitored and if this thinking is not working, it must be replaced with a thinking pattern that works.


Negative thoughts or wrong thinking may lead to self-defeating behaviors like not following your diet, overeating and not exercising adequately. Positive thoughts, on the other hand, enhance your motivation and give you fuel to follow the routine. Negative thoughts can sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

Develop Positive Thinking Pattern

Key 2: Healing Thyself

When you are stressed, you tend to overeat. This is the body’s reaction to stress. However, this is not the right type of reaction. In such cases, it is important to solve the underlying problem rather than getting into loop thoughts about the issue. Overeating during times of stress is called stress eating.

During stress, adrenal glands secrete a hormone, known as cortisol, which increases appetite. Stress affects the preference for foods. These foods are comfort foods which fight off stress. Stressed people do not exercise much, booze up and are unable to sleep. All these contribute to excess weight. So, it is about healing yourself.

Key 3: An Environment that Promotes Only Success

This involves resisting temptations to eat and replacing your cravings. It’s another story if you are genuinely hungry, but do not snack up on junk food. Choose healthy foods. It will pay you. In order to deal with triggers of overeating, plan your schedule accordingly and reschedule, if required.

Key 4: Put a Full Stop to Impulse Eating and Get Hold of What You Eat

The reason why people are unable to change their bad behavior is that they get some reward out of it. Although with impulse eating you are not getting anything positive, generally people avoid situations from which there is no payoff. This key emphasizes on recognizing those payoffs, drawing off from them and replacing negative behaviors with positive ones.

Key 5: Choose the Right Type of Foods

For losing weight, replace low response cost, low yield foods with high response cost, high yield foods. This can be done by retraining or reinforcing your taste buds to cherish the taste of fresh fruits and the diverse flavors of healthy stuffs like mustard and similar herbs.

Dr. Phil has stressed that unprocessed and whole foods are the base for healthy eating. This choice will help you exercise behavioral control over eating. A well-balanced, calorie-controlled diet will also help in weight loss.

Key 6: Incorporate Exercise

It is important to exercise daily. Mild to moderate exercises like walking, jogging, yoga, aerobics, dancing or weight lifting can be practiced. Exercise not only burns calories but also changes your self-image. It boosts your self-esteem and you no longer will feel like being a couch potato.

Key 7: Choose Your Friends Wisely

It will help to surround yourself with positive people, who understand your goal of weight loss. Be in the company of people, who want to see you lose weight and be successful in your efforts.Choose Your Friends Wisely