5 Crucial Steps to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

5 Crucial Steps to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

To keep weight off, you need to follow some patterns and change the existing, non-serving ones, suggests Dr. Phil McGraw. He asserts that setting weight loss goals is probably the difficult part of any weight loss program. So, we need to understand how to decide on a number as in how much weight we need to lose and how to achieve that number.

What most of us generally do is to choose a number on the basis of what our weight was some years back or what we always wanted to weigh. But, is that realistic?

If you want to lose weight for the sake of your health, you may want to lose 5-10% of your current weight. But, it could be that there is something more specific like you want to fit into a certain size of clothing.

Thus, the weight loss goals need to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Tangible.


If you’ve decided that you have to lose weight, follow these five steps to formulate a strategy for achievable weight loss goals:

Set Specific Goals to Succeed

Dr. Phil McGraw says that losing weight is not just restricted to physical aspects, but it needs a change in the behavior and thought as well. So, during your weight loss journey, you need to set goals for your emotions too.

Dr. Phil suggests that one shouldn’t set unclear weight loss goals like “I want to lose weight.” Instead, specify how much weight you want to lose. How do you want to feel? Visualize as if you have attained your goal. This visualization gives you strength and make you more committed to achieve your goals.

Have a Plan

Dr. Phil adds that willpower alone will not give you results! You need to work out a plan or form a detailed strategy. You must certainly have a strategy to lose weight and keep it off further. So, plan beforehand. Do away with expandable clothing, do not eat fast foods and only bank on healthy foods.

Take Small and Measurable Steps

Incorporate steps that fit wells with your lifestyle. Set a positive yet realistic goal. Don’t think of something narrow, i.e., just countering obesity. Each and every step will take you closer to the one you always wanted to be.

Set a Realistic Timeline

Where will you be after a month from now. Or 6 months down the line! Even a year maybe! Simply, stick to your goals. Don’t expect great results just overnight. Take the leap to modify your lifestyle. This will definitely positive change or reduce your weight.

Hold Yourself Accountable and Monitor Rationally

When you have to report your achievements and progress to someone, you have greater likelihood of sticking to your plan. Have someone you trust, so that you can share your progress with him/her. Get support whenever required and celebrate your achievements.

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