Skin Polishing – An Ideal Treatment for Oily Skin

Skin Polishing – An Ideal Treatment for Oily Skin

People with oily skin often believe that is it not possible to get rid of excess oil and blemishes-causing bacteria without causing irritation to the skin. However, Dr. Harold Lancer says that an appropriate treatment for oily skin is skin polishing. Skin polishing is an effective way to remove the surface layers of makeup, dirt and pollutants that can block the pores and cause irritation to the skin. It scrubs away extra oil and sebum that aggravate blemishes. When this dirt is removed from the skin, you get a skin that is younger and smoother. The beautiful skin comes to the forefront without the build-up of any clogs which can give you a dull skin.

What Causes Oily Skin?

Oily skin can be caused by several factors. Dr. Harold Lancer says that oily skin can sometimes be inherited. You will find that your family has the same challenges to meet as they too have oily skin.

Stress, hormones, environmental factors, irritation can make the skin oiliness severe. A proper skincare along with apt treatment will help in getting rid of oily skin.

Dr. Lancer mentions that even when you have reduced your stress, consumed a clean and healthy diet and have identified the hormonal triggers, your skin could be still oil. You should be careful about the skin care products that you use. If you are using wrong skincare, it will only exacerbate the oiliness. Avoid soaps that are harsh and cleansers that leave the skin dry. Those cleansers that steal away the natural oils in the skin will lead to producing more oil and create sebum that clogs the pores.


He also says that you should not use toners that are made from alcohol. Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and once it has been dried, the skin starts producing extra oil. Do not skip moisturizer as it will help in managing the breakouts. Oily skin too needs hydration as oily skin treatments may dry out the skin, so moisturizer is a must. Also, do not go for abrasive procedures that irritate your skin. An exfoliation product or polish should not be harsh and should be able to gently reduce the debris without any irritation or blemishes.

Finding the Right Oily Skin Treatment

Now, you know what all things make your oily skin worse. So, it is time to focus on finding solutions for treating oily skin.

You might not be aware how effective is skin polishing in treating oily skin. When dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt get eliminated, chances of your skin pores getting blocked by impurities get minimized up to some extent. This help clear skin congestion. Also, the chances of the formation of new blemishes decrease and it clears out the existing breakouts. If the polishing product is gentle, skin polishing is the best way to treat oily skin.

Your skin will become smoother and healthier. When the dead surface cells have been reduced or eliminated, the applied products will be directly delivered to the surface of the skin and this will prevent oiliness. Polishing should be done on daily basis along with advanced treatment. Combination of physical and chemical exfoliators polishes the dull skin without causing irritation.

How to Treat Oily Skin?

Oily skin has its own share of benefits. This type of skin does not age quickly. So, skincare products should reduce the excess oil without eating away the moisture. Dr Lancer says that you should choose ideal products that will prevent congestion in skin and making the most of the radiance of the skin without your face becoming oily. Make sure that the skin gets enough natural oils. You need to keep in mind that it should not be in excess.

Dr. Lancer says that you should follow his recommended method for the treatment of oily skin. The first step is polish oily\congested. This makes use of natural mineral exfoliants like sodium bicarbonate and quartz. Pomegranate and pumpkin enzymes slough off the dead skin cells, so salicylic acid helps clear congestion of the pores. After polishing comes Cleanse Congested\Oily and Nourish Congested/Oily to remove impurities from the surface of the skin. This also helps skin retain nourishing moisture and salicylic acid helps in fighting congestion and excessive oil. This method helps in minimizing oil, fighting breakouts and helps skin have its natural radiance.

These treatments reveal the fresh, younger and healthy skin which is present below the discoloured and dull skin. Dr. Lancer advocates his Retexturizing Treatment that helps in exfoliation, improving hydration and protecting against environmental damage. He says that the skin polishing solution makes the skin bright and gives a fresher looking and smoother skin. These products contain retinol, glycolic acid and fruit extracts. So, it helps in minimizing wrinkles and fine lines