Skin Benefits of Exercise by Dr. Harold Lancer

Skin Benefits of Exercise by Dr. Harold Lancer

We all have heard a lot about the benefits of exercise for maintaining a healthy body. We see people running in the fields or hitting the gym in order to remain fit and healthy. But, is exercise beneficial only for the physical health of the body? No, it not only helps in making the body stronger and healthier, but also promotes skin health.

We all know that we are exposed to harmful rays from sun and free radicals and pollutants in the environment. All these factors clog our skin pores and can make it look dull and dirty. This in turn can cause skin problems like acne. However, exercise make you sweat and thus helps in flushing out the harmful toxins from skin pores.

However, Dr. Harold Lancer says that there are times when exercise might not be good for your skin. For example, exercising without the right preparation can be harmful for your skin complexion. If you work out with makeup on, it can clog the skin pores by mixing with sweat and oil on the skin. This can be bad for skin health. Thus, Dr. Lancer advices to cleanse the face properly before working out in order to avoid any skin problems.

Also, there are times when you do so much exercise that makes you feel sore for the next few days. You might think that it is beneficial for your skin and body, but actually it isn’t. While exercise helps in relieving mental stress, excessive exercise triggers hormonal changes. Also, when body is under stress, production of free radicals in the body increases which can cause damage to the skin. Thus, Dr. Lancer advices to workout according to the body limits and not to put much stress on the body.


Finally, exercise can both be beneficial as well as harmful for your skin, depending on how you do it. Some experts around the world have also linked lean muscle mass building with anti-aging. Thus, exercise can be helpful in giving you a healthy skin.