At-Home Skincare Peels: A Guide by Dr. Harold Lancer

At-Home Skincare Peels: A Guide by Dr. Harold Lancer

There are times when you are searching for ways to make your skin look younger and brighter without spending money at an expensive salon. Sometimes, you come across a suggestion which recommends you using at-home skincare peels to treat your skin at home. For some people, the word ‘peel’ sounds a bit scary, however, it is just another word used for chemical products used for exfoliation or removal of dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin.

The ingredients of a peel are generally found in various skincare products. However, when it comes to at-home skin care peels, the concentration of the ingredients is high as compared to normal skincare products. So, they are more effective for skin exfoliation and removal of dead layer of skin. Also, the most amazing thing about the at-home skincare peels is you don’t need to go anywhere, you can do it all by yourself at your home.

They are helpful in reducing the signs of aging from skin, fighting acne, hydrating the skin and getting rid of excess oil. The exfoliation effect of these peels helps in revealing the skin hidden below the dead skin layers and make it look younger and beautiful.

Know the Ingredients


The key ingredient of a home skincare peel should be alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acids or lactic acids. If a peel contains any of these AHAs, it is effective to use at home and can help exfoliate the dead skin patches and bring out healthy and natural skin.

Results of Exfoliation

After using an at-home skin care peel, the skin looks younger as the peel helps in removal of signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Also, it helps in the removal of oil and dirt from skin pores making the skin smoother. The exfoliation effect of these peels results into the removal of the dead skin layers, making it look brighter.

How to Maintain a Refreshed Look?

As advised by Dr. Harold Lancer, the peel should be applied in the evening so that the skin is not exposed to sunlight. Also, he advises not to use make-up immediately after exfoliating the skin with the help of at-home skincare peels.

Also, it is advised to use a nourishing moisturizer to maintain skin moisture and SPF sunscreens to protect skin from the harmful sun rays. This is necessary because the skin generally becomes sensitive after being exfoliated with at-home skincare peels and requires extensive care to protect the newly revealed skin from damage.