Easy Acne Scars Treatment with Dr. Harold Lancer

Easy Acne Scars Treatment with Dr. Harold Lancer

One of the most common skin problems is acne. It is more common in adolescents and is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Everyone loves a clean and fair skin and no one likes bulgy red spots on their skin, so they go for the treatment of acne. However, the problem doesn’t end even after the spots disappear from the skin. Acne often lefts the skin with annoying red or brown scars that spoils our beauty. But, is there any solution to this scarring? Well, the answer is yes. You can get rid of acne scars. However, before moving towards the treatment, let us learn what causes acne scars.

The red or brown spots that are left after acne is removed from skin is referred to as acne scars. These are the spots of skin discoloration known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This discoloration of skin is common after the healing of an inflammatory skin condition like pimple. Also, during wound healing process, lot of melanin is produced. The increased production of melanin causes discoloration of skin. Also, hyperpigmentation can vary according to the skin tone of a person.

PIH caused by acne scars always require specific treatment. There are two types of acne scars- keloid and hypertrophic scarring. These are caused because of overproduction of collagen in skin, while the body is trying to heal an acne wound. This results in a raised tissue formation on skin after the wound is healed. The other type of acne scar is depressed or atrophic scar which is caused due to tissue damage resulting in an indentation on the skin.

Now, for the treatment of this acne scar, you don’t have to struggle with them anymore. With these tips by Dr. Lancer, you can easily get rid of acne scars and can make your skin look flawless. He recommends to use skincare products that contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) and antioxidants like vitamin-C can be helpful for skin brightening and can also help in reduce skin discolorations caused by PIH.


However, these treatments can help in the treatment of normal acne scars, but if the acne scar has caused indentation on skin, it requires to be treated with the help of chemical peels, laser treatment, fillers, or dermabrasions. Also, before going for any of these processes, it is recommended to take advise of a professional dermatologist, as they can suggest the appropriate treatment for your acne scar.