How to Determine the Skin Type?

How to Determine the Skin Type?

It is quite difficult to determine the skin type of a person. However, to provide skin care, it is necessary to find out the right skin type. This is because every skin type has different needs. Also, ways to cleanse or hydrate the skin vary according to its type. So, before going for any kind of skin care treatment, it is crucial to identify the right skin type. This help provide proper care to the skin; thereby, making it look younger and brighter.

So, how to identify skin type? Dr. Harold Lancer sheds light on how a person can correctly identify his/her skin type. He says that if a person wants to identify the skin type, he/she has to check the skin after cleansing. He instructs to wash the face and then, allowing it to dry for an hour. Thereafter, he directs to check the texture of the skin.

This is how he differentiate the texture of skin for varied skin types:

Dr. Lancer says that a person can have any one of these skin types or a combination of two types (for e.g. oily and sensitive); depending on the health, hormone levels and various environmental factors that affect the skin.

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