Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Pioneer of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Andrew Weil Bio

Dr. Andrew Weil (M.D.) is a pioneer and world-recognized leader in the integrative medicine field. This field focuses on a holistic healing approach to the health care that encompasses mind, spirit, and body. Dr. Weil has a lifetime experience of practicing natural medicines. He completed his studies from Harvard University. Dr. Weil resides in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. He is an internationally-recognized health expert who is known for his views on healthy aging, following a healthy lifestyle and the use of integrative medicine for treating various ailments.

Dr. Weil is chief editor and director of his official website Dr.Weil.com where he shares his views with his millions of followers worldwide. He has many popular and scientific articles to his name and has also authored 14 books. He is chairman and founder of The Weil Foundation that aims to support integrative medicine through education, training, and research. This foundation has given out more than $5 million in gifts and grants to other non-profit organizations and medical centers throughout the U.S.

Owing to his expertise and popularity, he has around 660K followers on his Twitter account. He also earns a reputation of having over 11.6K followers on his Instagram account. Dr. Andrew Weil also has an official youtube channel with around 40K followers. He has appeared on several popular health shows like Dr. Oz show.

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