Why Diabetes is Dangerous – Is There a Prevention or Measure to Control?

It is a fact that diabetes does not kill a person, but the complications caused due to it do. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and must be regularly checked. In the long run, it affects various parts of the body. Diabetes causes various issues, some of which can leave a mild impact. Whereas other health issues may turn into serious problems. All this is caused due to the increasing or decreasing blood sugar level. All these health problems can be avoided only by maintaining the blood sugar levels.

In this article, we will discuss the dangers caused due to diabetes. There are various problems caused due to it and these cannot be easily cured. For curing these problems, blood sugar level must be continuously checked and kept under control.

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Why diabetes is a dangerous disease?

Diabetes in itself is not dangerous but the complications that it brings along with itself, If the blood sugar level is not under control, make it really dangerous. It leads people to early death and disability if not managed properly. Diabetes is considered a dangerous disease for different reasons. Diabetics who suffer from low blood sugar levels can face immediate life-threatening situations. On the other hand, diabetics suffering from high blood sugar levels for a long time can create a risk for stroke. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and may also cause heart disease. Due to this disorder, there can be cases of blindness among in the long run. Some of the problems which come hand in hand with diabetes are:

Gum Disease and Cavities


Usually, this is the first sign of diabetes among people. Diabetes is a dangerous disease and must not be ignored in the initial stage. Due to dental problems, a person may not be able to chew the food properly. One must always be careful about the dental hygiene.

Nerve Damage

Among diabetics, nerve damage is a common disease. It can affect any body part including the arms, hands, legs, or feet. Because of diabetes, there can be numbness or pain in the body parts. Besides this, there is also an autonomic neuropathy. This affects other functions of the body such as urination, sex and more. The nerve damage can occur due to discomfort and pain. Mostly, it leads to foot problems.

Skin Conditions

 Diabetes is a dangerous disease as it might severely affect the skin. Most of the diabetics suffer from the itchy and dry skin. This happens because of the poor blood circulation in the body. Also, it may happen due to the nerve damage. Often, the dry skin leads to embarrassment as it is an easily visible effect of diabetes.

Foot Problems

It is noticed that almost all the diabetics suffer from foot problems. This is caused directly due to the damage of nerves. The feet are responsive to blood flow problems that may cause numbness too. In some people, blood flow turns so poor that the leg amputation becomes a necessity.


Diabetes affects various parts of the body. Due to damage caused to various body parts, diabetics may develop infections. Diabetes is a dangerous disease, so it is advised that the diabetics must surely go for check-ups at regular intervals. This helps in identifying any of the infections if developing in the body.

Strokes and Heart Disease

This is really a serious condition which is found in a diabetes patient. Heart disease is seriously regarded as a great danger. This happens due to the damage of blood vessels as well as the increased blood flow. Due to the high blood sugar levels, blood flow increases. Hence, it is essential to maintain cholesterol and blood pressure.

Eyesight Problems

Diabetic neuropathy is a common problem. It is faced by most of the diabetics. Due to this problem, the blood vessels present in the retina get damaged. This is the result of high blood sugar levels.

It can also give rise to other problems like cataracts and glaucoma. If it is not treated in time, it can result in permanent blindness.

Kidney Disease


Diabetics are likely to develop various kidney problems. The kidney is made up of small blood vessels. Due to the damaged blood vessels, kidney easily gets affected. After the kidney gets affected, it can lead to problems such as urinary tract infection and more. At this stage, the kidney is not able to function properly.

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Cure of diabetes

Diabetes as of now is not curable, all we can do is, keep the blood sugar levels in check to live with diabetes. Apart from that, we have to lead a very healthy and active lifestyle to keep at bay the complications that come along with diabetes. So, when it comes to diabetes it is very important to manage it and let’s know how.

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How to Manage Diabetes?

By monitoring the level of diabetes, it can be easily regulated. One needs to follow a proper lifestyle and keep a track of health check-ups. Most of the diabetics are able to manage the disease by improving the diet and lifestyle. The symptoms can be reduced by involving oneself in more physical activities. Also, a diabetic must take a complete sleep and manage stress level. But this is not easily possible in case of type 1 diabetes. Still, using the same measures, symptoms can be reduced. This is the only way to manage glucose levels.

Following are the points that can help in managing the symptoms of diabetes:

Eat a Balanced Diet

A diabetic can keep the blood sugar in control by regularly checking the glucose level. It is better to avoid foods such as sugar, trans-fat, and processed grains. While controlling the diet, the primary focus should be on limiting the intake of protein and not carbs. Hence, the best method is to manage the protein and carbs intake.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is necessary for the diabetics. It is considered as the most powerful ways to lower the leptin and insulin resistance. Always keep in mind that hours of sitting are harmful to diabetics. They always need some exercise daily.[1]

Get Tight Sleep at Night

Sleep is vital for all and especially for diabetics. During sleep, a person gets sufficient time to restore his energy. It is mandatory for the diabetics to take a sleep of at least eight hours. This helps in normalizing the hormonal system.

Address Stress or Mental Health Issues

Anxiety, depression, and stress make you physically and mentally feel low. This can affect other body functions. It is important for diabetics to avoid all the depressing issues. Do not ignore such a symptom as diabetes is a dangerous disease.

Protect and Treat the Skin

Due to high blood sugar levels, the skin gets damaged. It is recommended by the doctors to practice good hygiene. Diabetics must use proper UV protection while going out in the sun. Through this, a person can avoid damaged and dry skin.

Protect Eyes

Diabetes directly affects the eyesight. Diabetics are more likely to face problems related to eyesight. It is better to protect the eyes by getting a regular check-up. As a precaution, one can wear sunglasses while going out in sunlight.[2]


The diabetics must take medicines on time for the problems that can become severe. Otherwise, it is best to take precautions and maintain the blood sugar level. A diabetic must never ignore his health and consult the doctor for every health problem.

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Diabetes is a serious condition that can give rise to various health problems. Due to this disorder, one may face problems related to eyes, skin, nerves, foot, kidney and heart. The functioning of these parts is really necessary for a healthy body. And, the cause behind all this is the increase in blood sugar level. Hence, to keep the diabetes level in the normal range, it is necessary to maintain the blood sugar level. This is only possible by following a balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet and proper exercise.

In this article, we have given the information about the problems related to diabetes. It explains different diseases that are caused due to diabetes. Besides this, it also gives the solution in which way the sugar level can be controlled. The article shows that diabetes can be maintained by following a proper schedule. Hope the article provides you with complete information.

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