Body Detoxification Methods and Benefits

body detoxification methods and benefits

Body detoxification or detox is the process of removal of harmful toxins from the body that get absorbed by our body due to various environmental and physiological factors. Liver is the main organ in our body, which is responsible for metabolizing toxic chemicals that enter the body.

The detoxification process comprises various detox methods. These methods can be organ specific or for whole body depending upon our need. Some of the detox procedures which are very popular as well as effective are:

  • Liver Cleanse: Liver plays a vital role in getting rid of unwanted toxins and is responsible for cleansing the blood inside our body. Excessive use of some supplements and medications harms the liver which has a profound effect on metabolism and our overall health. Liver cleanse promotes healthy functioning of liver and detoxifies it by targeting the toxins especially present in liver. To keep our liver healthy, we must drink raw vegetable juices, eat foods with high potassium content, avoid caffeine, remove toxic foods from diet and use supplements of milk thistle and dandelion.

liver cleanse

  • Oxygen Colon Cleanse: Oxygen colon cleanse is one of the best detox methods which uses only natural products. It is a six-seven-day cleanse where products like apple cider vinegar, distilled water, raw aloe Vera, pro biotic supplement and oxy-powder are used to cleanse the colon and relieve us from symptoms like bloating, irritation and constipation which are signs of a toxic colon. This cleanse is a fast and effective way to purify our digestive tract.

oxygen colon cleanse

  • Candida Cleanse: Years of unhealthy life style choices where cigarettes, alcohol, fast food and prescription drugs become a part of our life, lead to continuous inflammation of intestines. Candida, a fungus, thrives in these conditions in the intestines and leads to toxic gut. A candida cleanse can be planned to remove candida from the body by removing foods that causes high sugar level in body. It requires avoiding all forms of sugar (including fruit juices). During a candida cleans avoid the consumption of dried fruits, alcohol, mushrooms, cheese, and soy sauce.

candida cleanse

  • Juice fasts: Juice fasting or juice cleansing is the primary detoxification method that helps in nourishment of the body. It helps in providing large amounts of vitamins and minerals to our body. Only fruit and vegetable juices are allowed while undergoing a juice fast. This fast makes our body healthier and we feel rejuvenated. Only fresh juice of vegetables and fruits are used and the juice fast should never be long. One to three days is enough to detoxify. Veggies and fruits which have best cleansing properties are beets, ginger root, apples, carrots, spinach, pears, celery, kale, pineapple, cranberry, cabbage, and other leafy greens. Citrus fruits must be avoided while fasting. Blueprint Cleanse is also a type of juice cleanse which involves the consumption of vegan juices that provide about 860-1040 calories per day.

juice fasts

  • Master Cleanse: Master cleanse can be an efficient method for both colon cleansing and liver cleansing. This detox method includes a diet composed only of organic grade-B maple syrup and freshly-squeezed lemon juice, herbal detox teas, spring water and cayenne pepper. This cleanse methods helps in effective weight loss and helps us get a leaner and healthier body.

master cleanse

  • Kitcheree Cleanse: A kitcheree cleanse is an ancient Ayurvedic process of cleansing body through a “mono-diet.” In a kitcheree cleanse a super-alkaline diet of cooked vegetables, mung beans, basmati rice, and spices is recommended. This diet is effective in giving a temporary relief to the digestive system. It promotes overall detoxification, especially when mixed with cleansing herbs.

kitcheree cleanse

  • Liquid Cleanse: A liquid cleanse is an excellent method to cleanse the body while maintaining our energy levels. It includes the consumption of fresh organic vegetables and fruit juices, smoothies, pureed soup, miso soup, flax, hemp, pumpkin seed oil, coconut and purified water.

liquid cleanse

  • Raw/Alkaline Foods Cleanse: This is a temporary cleanse that involves eating uncooked vegetables and fruits with smaller amounts of seeds, raw nuts, and sprouts. It’s an excellent method to detoxify the liver, colon and other systems in the body.

raw alkaline foods cleanse

  • Green Smoothies Cleanse for 10 Days: This cleanse involves the consumption of green smoothies for 10 days. These smoothies are made from fresh vegetables and fruits and are completely vegan. This routine however helps in effective weight loss and helps in maintaining a healthy life.

green smoothies cleanse for 10 days

  • Isagenix Cleanse for Life: Isagenix is a popular brand that makes a cleansing supplement called cleanse for life. This supplement helps in the cleansing of body as well as helps in weight loss. It also helps in maintaining the energy levels of body.

isagenix cleanse for life

Benefits of Body Detoxification:

Detoxification methods are best way of cleansing our body from toxins that can cause digestive issues like bloating and nausea, general issues like weakness and mood swings , and skin issues like itching and break outs. Detox treatments not only cure these problems but these also help to boost energy, cleanse the liver, reduce inflammation, aid in weight loss, and promote skin health etc. Some of the benefits provided by detox treatments are:

  • Skin Health: Toxins trapped in skin result in premature aging and dull complexion. Toxins can also cause skin problems like eczema and skin inflammation. Detoxification helps in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging and moisturizes the skin making it supple and glowing.

skin health

  • Cleanse the Liver: Detoxification mainly supports healthy liver and ensures overall wellness. It helps in cleansing clogged toxins inside the liver and other organs of the body such as large intestines.

cleanse the liver

  • Boosts Energy: Detoxified body feels much refreshed and lighter. Detoxification cleanses overloaded toxins and boosts energy level naturally.

boosts energy

  • Manage Stress Level: Detox helps in regulating the cholesterol and fatty liver diseases, which automatically reduces the level of fatigue and stress.

manage stress level

  • Helps in Weight Loss: Detox diet can help in loosing excess weight naturally. The detox oriented diets generally prohibit consumption of foods that contain unsaturated and trans fats and harmful sugars and this helps in effective weight loss.

helps in weight loss

  • Healthy Hair: Hair become much shinier and softer after detoxification. Detoxifying helps hair grow more quickly and eliminates the toxins that are harmful for the health of hair follicle.

healthy hair

  • Strong Immune System: Detoxification helps in absorbing nutrients better and improves the efficiency of immune system. Detoxification results in better functioning of organs.

 strong immune system

  • Balances Levels of Hormones in the Body: Food we eat is contaminated with many harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which can cause hormonal imbalance inside the body. Detoxification removes all the harmful and cancerous elements from the body and maintains a balance among hormones.

balances levels of hormones in the body