Benefits and Side Effects of Body Detox

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What is body detoxification?

The way we throw wastes out from our house to keep it clean and hygienic, so does detoxification when it comes to our body. Detoxification cleans the waste materials that gets accumulated in our body over time and interferes with the physiological activities of our body. If any toxic element enters our body with food, it directly reaches the liver. Here it gets metabolized and after metabolism it gets circulated through blood to various parts of the body. There it gets absorbed by cells and results in buildup of that toxic element in body. Once this toxic material gets accumulated in the cells, it starts to interfere with the metabolism of the cells resulting in many disorders. So, in order to keep our organs and cells safe from the onslaught of these toxins we must make sure that the buildup of toxins does not take place in our bodies. And that is where Detoxification comes into play.

Do we need detoxification regularly? Is it for every one? These are some question that pop into our mind. ‘Certainly not’ is the answer.

When our body experiences symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, trouble in breathing, constipation, skin allergies, muscle aches etc., it means body or particular organ is signaling about some abnormal conditions. These are the symptoms that tell us that our body has become toxic and needs detoxification.

Benefits of body detoxification:

Detoxification is essential because it not only cleans the body and organs but also prevents body from diseases such as cardiovascular problems, liver infection, kidney failure, hormonal imbalance etc. of course body detoxification is beneficial if required. Some major benefits are as follows:


1. Physical benefits:

2. Mental benefits:

Side-effects of organ detoxification:

The purpose of detoxification is to clean the body by removing toxic foreign materials such as heavy metals from it. Detoxification is important to keep our organs healthy and safe so that they function properly and keep us healthy. 7-days detox program or 3-days detox program are very popular among people. Detox programs like these denote sudden changes in body system and our body sometimes responds by shoeing certain side effects. Some of these side effects are:



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