Simple Ways to Tackle Depression and Negative Thoughts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

depression during covid-19

We understand that self-isolation and being locked inside your homes can infuse a sense of doom and gloom in your life which can be as dangerous as any other virus or disease.

The abnormal surge and worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus cases have thrown us off our path and have completely debauched our regular routine. The fluid existence of the human race has been challenged by the COVID-19, and people worldwide are greatly affected by the capricious health and economic condition of institutions worldwide.

The present situation is a tough one for all of us, and this roaring rage of discomfort combined with perpetual isolation can trigger some acute mental disorders, our mental performance and stability is at the risk of getting distorted pushing us towards the dark and gloomy path of depression and anxiety.

There has been a massive increase in the number of traumatic stress and depression cases since the unavoidable circumstance of self-isolation has become the new normal, more and more people are getting exposed to the bitter reality of the ongoing virus destruction leading them to feel hopeless, pessimistic and miserable.


As the world prepares to stay shrill and still for a few more months, we have taken the responsibility of making sure that this constant state of restricted movement does not pose any considerable threat to your mental well-being. That’s why we have prepared for you a list of things you can do to overcome the fears and pressure of eternal loneliness and debilitating mental state.

Be hopeful and optimistic

be positive

Don’t give up just yet, we understand that it may seem like an impossible thing to be hopeful during times as bad as these, however one should not forget that all of us are in this together, and we as the most enhanced race has the ability to overcome every fear and problem. Don’t be tensed about the future, or the world after the coronavirus, don’t be affected by the thoughts of the poor global economy or world recession, be hopeful about the ability of nature and humans to repair their surroundings both socially and financially.

Don’t think of quarantine as a punishment, think of it as a precaution to keep safe yourself, your family, your loved ones and the entire planet. You are a superhero, who is doing his best to save his planet from the malignant COVID-19, don’t be too hard on yourself or the government for getting you trapped inside your home.

Remember you are trapped only inside your home but don’t get trapped inside the shackles of negative emotions from your brain, it’s your duty to let the mind flow free during this free time and make the most of your spare time by indulging in hobbies and activities that will suffuse a strength of positivity and happiness in your life.

Think positive and be productive

Instead of ruing the isolation situation for slowing down your progress, remember that it’s not the isolation or the virus that is stopping you from being productive, it’s your own doing.

Well, it’s understood that you can’t go out of your face, but that does not mean that you can’t plan out a fairly productive and progressive routine for yourself. You can still engage yourself in life-changing hobbies, think about all the great literature you were not able to read before the quarantine because of insufficient time or the hours of workout and exercise that you have missed because you were getting late for work.

Believe it or not, this time is a blessing in disguise for your personal growth, both mentally and physically, indulge yourself in hobbies which will make you a better human once you come out of your home next time, be the change you would want to see in your planet, invest time in putting a thought for the “mother nature” and come out becoming a more aware resident of the planet.

Organize your day

Have a proper time table in place and stick to it, don’t waste your time constantly scrolling on social media websites. Don’t sleep too late, and stop waking up at noon. Follow a balanced diet and prepare a sleep routine that won’t allow you any more late-night scrolling.

Remember, that once this over then there will be a huge demand for motivated professionals who are disciplined and skillful. Instil a culture of self-improvement, take online courses and improve your overall market worth, make yourself employable and don’t let the abundance of free time make you lazy and lethargic.

Don’t find excuses to stay lonely

avoid spending alone time

Being in self-isolation physically does not mean that you have to completely vanish yourself from the face of the earth. Spend time with your family, the step of our room and start spending better hours of the day in the common areas of the house, and also make sure that you stay connected with your friends and colleagues through digital platforms.


Play multiplayer games, indulge in a group chatting, video call your best friend and don’t get burdened by the imposed restriction because it’s the restriction from other circumstances that will make you lonely, it’s the restrictions that you will impose on the daily life that will isolate you from the world.

Change your perspective

Not just about complaining and being sad, this time can also be utilized as a means to be thankful about all the excessive privileges that you have. Remember, there are people in the world who live hand to mouth and are having some serious problems to make ends meet. Value what you have, and don’t undermine the pricelessness of your life. Don’t be surrounded by the constant cloud of tension and stress, and look for the sparkling silver lining.