A Step Against Aging

A Step Against Aging

Aging is a natural process, whoever takes birth has to grow old, it is inevitable. People generally blame the time cycle for aging. As the time passes, the body starts getting older and older every day. According to modern science, aging is caused when the cells in the body age and cells only in present. This is the reason why memory is still a mystery. Basically, the brain cells function when there is a certain electrochemical reaction triggered by electrical impulses. This reaction is so spontaneous that there is no pause to think about reacting.

So, what basically causes aging? Deepak Chopra defines aging as the gap between the life of a cell and life of a person. He says that while our cells are growing old, we get stuck in the past, clinging with our old habits and stubborn beliefs. This causes our mental state to get stuck in the past, while our cells are continuously growing old. He says that if a person can return to the present, they bridge this gap between their life and life of cells, thus preventing aging. Deepak defines aging as a complex of possibilities, and we never know what possibility will occur. Also, there are no certain symptoms of aging that appear in a person.

There are various signs of aging including creaky joints, decline in memory, loss of energy, abnormal sleeping pattern, wrinkles, etc. However, these problems can also be caused by some other health conditions like arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Also, there are times when people experience none of these symptoms, except the wrinkles, while growing old. Also, if we stop focusing on the idea that aging is natural, we get to know that it is a sum of various diseases processes. If these processes are slowed down or stopped, it is possible to improve the functions of cells for a longer time period.

Deepak Chopra along with his co-author Rudolph E. Tanzi, outlined an anti-aging regimen which includes the things that you can do and avoid in order to control the aging process, these are:



  • Meditate
  • Use multivitamins or mineral supplement (only if you are aged more 65 years).
  • Balance the schedule of activity and rest.
  • Go for some challenging mental activity.
  • Make the emotional bonds with family and friends stronger.
  • Explore new hobbies and interests.
  • Join a social support group.


  • Don’t be inactive, keep on moving throughout the day.
  • Keep a watch on imbalances in your diet.
  • Keep away the negative emotions.
  • Work on spoiled relationships and try to improve them.
  • Focus on overcoming the fear of death.

All the ideas listed here can help promote wellness. Also, Chopra advices to follow these ideas one by one and keep incorporating them in your daily lifestyle.