Check Out The Apps That Can Make Your iPhone A Pro-Device!

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Are you new to iPhone? Are you looking for some amazing apps that can turn your regular phone into a pro-level device? Then, we have got an amazing news for you guys. There are ten awesome apps that you can download on your iPhone for free which includes music, photo editing, navigation, payment apps and much more. These few pieces of software will turn your iOS device a true killer with no filler.

1. Spotify

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Everything gets better with music. Spotify is an app that allows you to listen to music on your mobile and tablet for free. It also offers a radio option where you can discover the new tunes, and you can even sync music to listen later offline.

2. Evernote

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Evernote basically is a virtual notebook which you can carry and access anywhere, anytime. And the best thing about this app is you make notes directly on it, upload pages of physical papers, save images and can even save audios. Apart from this, you can also search the old documents that you have saved months or years ago.

3. Pocket casts or Overcast

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With the help of this app, you can listen to the podcasts clearly on your iPhone. Though overcast is a free app compared to Pocket casts they share the similar features. But the design of the Pocket casts is bit better than Overcast.

4. Snapseed

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Most of the pictures that you click from your phone might not come as you desired. But with the help of the Snapseed app, you can do basic editing of the pic on your iPhone. By using this app you can add filters, adjust the white balance, exposure, and much more. It is a great app to make your pictures Instagram ready.

5. Swiftkey

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With the up gradation of iOS 8, Apple has finally added the feature to download third- party keyboards on your phone. This keyboard is very effective as it adapts to your typing style which means that you will able to type faster.

6. Mint

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This is a great app which you can use if you want to save money. This app gives the insight on your spending by keeping all the records of your debit cards, credit cards, investments and loans at one place. It also provides a tool to set budget and also notifies about the upcoming bills.

7. Magisto

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This app makes your smartphone videos look like edited by a pro in few seconds. Magisto takes your pics and videos and uses AI to edit them that you can later share with your family and friends. It has built-in effects and music library too. After the edit, the videos can be shared instantly from the app to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

8. Waze

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This app is perfect if you are planning a road trip. Waze app gives you all sort of information about the traffic and even redirects you to make your commute time less. This app also alerts you about the accidents, constructions and even the police.

9. 1 Password

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This is a unique password app that syncs with your desktop app and protects all your accounts and services through a single password. Now, you just need to remember a single password to keep all your accounts safe.

10. Hello Weather

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This app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. Hello weather shows the detailed description of the weather of current time, next eight hours prediction and even the entire week’s forecast.