Home Remedies for Different Types of Addiction

Home Remedies for Different Types of Addiction

There are a number of addictions that affects millions of people, all over the world. While most of the people never ever intend to become addicted to a substance such as alcohol, drugs, nicotine or other substance but addiction does happen. Like everybody else, an addict rightly deserves every single chance possible to return to their normal life. Addicts need a consistent therapy program and support from their families and friends to help them break free from clutches of their respective addictions. Fortunately, besides medical interventions there are various home-remedies that can help an addict in getting rid of addictions. By implementing these natural remedies along with a treatment program, an addict has much better chances of recovery and can avoid possible relapse. If you are addicted to any substance, this article might be all you need to begin with. Read on to know about home remedies to treat various kinds of addictions.

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Home Remedies for Treating Various Types of Addictions:

Here are some simple yet effective home remedies for treating various addictions such as alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, tobacco addiction, sugar addiction and various other commonly observed addictions. However, we advise you to always consult your doctor or health care provider before you start implementing any of the below mentioned home remedies. Let’s learn how to naturally treat a number of commonly seen addictions.

Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction

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Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction:

Although excessive alcohol consumption is most common cause of several fatal diseases like liver cirrhosis, it still remains one of the most widely consumed beverage of millions. While alcohol use disorder, commonly known as alcoholism requires specialized treatments, one may also follow certain home-based remedies for helping you break free from alcohol addiction.

1. Grapes

Grapes are among most widely used home remedies for naturally treating alcohol addiction. Whenever you have urges to consume alcohol, drink grape juice or have a few grapes instead. Grapes contain the purest form of alcohol producing agent in abundance, hence they work as an excellent alternative for alcoholics. Grapes are also rich in potassium, that somehow helps in maintaining alkaline blood balance along with effectively stimulating the kidneys.

2. Bitter Gourd

Consume little bitter gourd juice along with buttermilk each morning to curb your alcohol addiction. The juice that is obtained from leaves of bitter gourd is also an excellent natural remedy for treating alcohol addiction. Additionally, bitter gourd juice can also help in repairing damaged liver cells.

3. Evening Primrose

Certain herbs including evening primrose are time tested and widely relied upon home remedies for both preventing and treating alcohol addiction. The oil that is extracted from the seeds of evening primrose may help in significantly reducing the cravings for alcohol. Evening primrose also helps in boosting Gamma-linolenic acid production in an alcohol addict’s body to help him or her cope up with the withdrawal.

4. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an excellent home remedy for treating all the liver related diseases that are a result of alcoholism. This herb can significantly enhance your liver functions besides repairing the damage to the liver.  Milk thistle is more commonly known as liver tonic and has an active ingredient known as silymarin. This active ingredient can considerably repair the body damages due to alcohol addiction.

5. Dates

Dates are quite easily accessible and are very effective in naturally treating your alcohol addiction. All you need to soak a few dates in water overnight and have them daily. This can help in detoxing naturally and may considerably reduce the alcohol addiction symptoms.

6. Celery

Celery is yet another excellent home remedy for naturally curing alcohol addiction because this juice obtained can make alcoholics become sober soon. It should be mixed with water and must be consumed daily for around a month for maximizing results.

7. Dandelion

This is an extremely popular home remedy for treating alcohol use disorder. Dandelion helps in considerably reducing the ill effects of problem drinking along with repairing the liver tissues. Dandelion helps in facilitating the natural production of bile and its flow.

8. Apples

Apples have been long used home remedy to treat addiction naturally. Apples not just remove the toxins due to excessive alcohol consumption but also significantly reduce an addict’s urge to consume alcohol.

9. Skullcap

This herb is generally used to manage the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol addiction.

10. Raw Almonds

Raw almonds are useful in considerably reducing an alcohol addiction. A research conducted at Harvard revealed that people who consumed a small handful of nuts every day are 20 % less likely to suffer from a number of chronic diseases as these significantly improve an individual’s overall health. [1]

Home Remedies for Alcohol Addiction


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Home Remedies for Smoking Addiction

In today’s world, increasing stress levels and fast paced lifestyles, cigarette smoking is just another common habit. There are millions who are addicted to smoking, all around the globe. A large chunk of smokers don’t even realize the adverse effects that smoking has on their physical and overall health. It significantly slows down a person’s immune system and seriously affects fertility. Although, around 70% of all the smokers want to quit, relapse rates are as high as 75-80% within just 6 months of quitting. Let’s learn what are the home remedies to treat smoking addiction naturally.

1. Oats

Oats can help in flushing out the dangerous toxins from a smoker’s body while simultaneously reducing the cravings for smoking cigarettes. They also help in alleviating or reducing the withdrawal symptoms, once you give up smoking. Heat a tablespoon of oats in two cups water and leave this mixture overnight. Right before you consume it, heat this again and consume after every meal.

2. Water

Water is a boon for all the humans and especially smokers. It helps in flushing out toxins better than all other substances. Drink a glass of cold water around fifteen minutes before every meal for an increased metabolic rate and keep sipping it throughout daytime. Water helps in cleansing your body and helps with naturally treating smoking addiction.

3. Honey

Honey works as an excellent home remedy for easy smoking cessation. Honey is super-packed with beneficial enzymes, vitamins and proteins, that can help in giving up the smoking habit with ease. Try consuming organic honey for much less artificial flavors and best results.

4. Grapeseed Extract

Grapeseed extract is relatively alkaline in nature. It helps in significantly reducing the acidity of the blood and treats damage acquired by a smoker’s lungs due to heavy smoking.

5. Radish

Radish also helps in reducing acidity of the body that is caused by continuous cigarette smoking. This home remedy is quite effective for smoking addicts and chain smokers. Having radish even work better when consumed along with raw honey.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper will effectively desensitize your respiratory system to almost all the addictive things. It also somehow helps in reducing your urge to smoke. Include this excellent spice in your daily diet or add half a teaspoon to a glassful of water. The relief it provides is almost immediate and also works excellent in long term.

7. Licorice

It is one of the most trusted home remedies for refraining oneself from smoking is to chew a licorice stick whenever you feel like smoking. This herb is indeed a good substitute for a cigarette. It significantly curbs your urge to smoke and also regulates your digestive system. And it is way more economical than buying an E-cigarette.

8. Ginseng

Ginseng is really very effective in reducing your smoking craving. It would be best if you start having green tea which is infused with Aloe Vera and ginseng, two times each day.  Aloe Vera and ginseng can provide a number of health benefits.

Home Remedies for Smoking Addiction

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Home Remedies for Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco is among the most widely abused substances in the world. It is extremely addictive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that abusing tobacco result in almost  6 million deaths each year [2]. Like all other drugs, prolonged use of tobacco can result in a physical and psychological addiction. This is also the case for smokeless forms of tobacco like snuff and also chewing tobacco.

1. Meditation and Other Relaxation Techniques

Many people have been successful in eliminating excessive tobacco use with yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques. All these relaxation techniques can also significantly help in reducing tobacco withdrawal symptoms and create space for something more beneficial for your mind and body. You can gradually increase your time for meditation, start with 5 minutes every morning.

2. Exercises

Regular physical activity can become a bit difficult for heavy tobacco users, but when you have decided to quit, joining a gym or setting up a workout routine can be very helpful. You may initially have to struggle, because of the damage to your body and lungs due to prolonged use of tobacco. However, gradually you observe your capacity and strength increase, the very thought of smoking (and thereby reducing your physical ability) will appear much less attractive.

3. Chewing Gum

Tobacco addiction can be often linked to be an oral fixation especially missing something to chew on or having in your mouth. And, this may unfortunately make you dwell back on tobacco much easier. Having a chewing gum (or any nicotine gum) with you can help you in fighting the tobacco temptation.

4. Sleep

Fatigue and exhaustion can significantly affect your willpower and you may easily fall back into those negative habits. Having a proper amount sleep to get that deserved rest can really help you stay away from tobacco use. It is highly recommended to sleep for almost seven to nine hours each day, for that required relaxation and rejuvenation.

5. Hydrtion Is Must

It is very crucial to stay hydrated and have increased energy levels when you have decided to quit tobacco use. Your body would be undergoing a number of physiological changes during few months after you quit tobacco, so make sure that you drink enough water as that enhance your recovery process.

Home Remedies for Tobacco Addiction

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Home Remedies For Weed (Marijuana) Addiction

Marijuana is one the most commonly used illegal drugs and around 22 million people use it one month, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health [3]. Certain anecdotal accounts have revealed that few detox teas may help in getting rid of marijuana addiction, best would be to consult a medical professional who knows how to deal with all kinds of drug detox, including weed. When you try to withdraw from marijuana, there are a lot of physical and mental symptoms which can range anywhere between annoying to extremely uncomfortable.

Common marijuana withdrawal symptoms might include insomnia, depression, agitation, anxiety, learning problems and memory issues. The next most common physical symptoms experienced are tremors or shaking and dizziness. Less commonly experienced symptoms like impotency, kidney pains, hormonal changes or imbalances, reduced immunity or prolonged fatigue and certain minor eye issues may resolved within two months of marijuana withdrawal. However, in rare cases people have also experienced severe withdrawal symptoms. In any such case, immediately see a doctor.

Let’s understand how to ease these withdrawal symptoms with help of certain simple home remedies.

1. Drink Lots of Water: Consume lots of water and other clear liquids regularly to flush out all the toxins from your body. Cranberry juice is really effective in thoroughly cleansing your body. Many detox facilities and centers ask their patients to regularly consume fluids.

2. Sweat Out Regularly: Excessive sweating can considerably help in removing toxins from your body and regular vigorous exercises or even a sauna may help you in sweating. Exercising also helps with the recovery process, as they can significantly lift up an individual’s attitude. Excessive sweating can possibly deplete potassium levels, an essential mineral for human body. Try to consume foods that are high in potassium such as bananas, melons, green leafy vegetables, certain citrus fruits and also tomatoes.

1. Have A Hot Shower Bath: According to various marijuana detox support groups, taking a hot soaking bath can help in both preventing and alleviating marijuana withdrawal symptoms to a certain extent.

2. Try to Avoid Caffeine and Fats: It is advised to eliminate fats and caffeine whenever you are undergoing the marijuana detox process. You can best have healthy diet during this time, as it would help you tread towards a healthy path. Include fiber, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in your daily diet. Adding spices to your meals may also somehow help you in staying away from marijuana.

3. Consume Milk Before You Sleep: Having a glass of warm milk may prove really effective for weed addicts with insomnia. You can consider adding a dash of turmeric to your milk every time you drink it.

Home Remedies For Weed (Marijuana) Addiction

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Home Remedies For Crack Cocaine Addiction:

Abusing crack cocaine has its telltale signs. Someone who abuses crack cocaine will showcase excessive and almost uncharacteristic bursts of stimulation and energy. How crack cocaine works in your brain really brings on an addiction, as an expected health repercussion. Crack cocaine withdrawal generally would occur when you have had been abusing cocaine almost daily and try to reduce the amount or stop it completely. The drug can have a huge impact on your professional and personal life: there is lack of motivation, constant lookout for the next time, paranoia, hallucinations and in certain times, suicidal thoughts. [4]

Crack withdrawal symptoms may vary greatly but few of the most commonly observed symptoms are aggression, anger outbursts, agitation, depression, insatiable hunger, drug cravings, preoccupation with cocaine, feeling drowsy, extreme fatigue, chills, runny nose, nausea, body aches, extreme mood swings, disturbed sleep that may have vivid dreams and nightmares. Let’s see what you can do for dealing with cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

  • Indulge in Physical Activities Daily: Certain mild to moderate exercises such as jogging, walking, running, cycling and focusing on consuming a healthy diet can really help in significantly restoring your health and instill feelings of positivity and wellbeing.
  • Make Time For Relaxation Techniques: A number of mind body interventions like meditation, tai chi and yoga can also help in considerably lowering your stress levels. All these relaxation techniques can also improve your coping skills.
  • Start Bonding Socially : Resume all your normal social interactions with friends, colleagues and family members so as to reduce the feelings of isolation. Bonding socially will help in restoring normalcy.
  • Drink Plenty of Fluids : Clear fluids including water can somehow help in flushing out the drug from your body. Try to consume lots of fluids when you are recovering. Stay hydrated throughout the day, for speeding up the healing process.

Home Remedies For Crack Cocaine Addiction:

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Home Remedies For Food Addiction:

Research has suggested that it is indeed possible for people to get addicted to food in a similar manner as they feel addicted to certain other substances. In a research conducted at the Rush University Medical Center, the scientists discovered that food craving can activate the similar areas of an individual’s brain that are involved in a drug craving.

These types of researches are really crucial because they help in understanding why is it very difficult to lose excess pounds. Let’s discuss how you can get over this unhealthy food addiction, naturally at your home.

1. Keep Track of Your Triggers : There are certain foods that, when consumed, produce a severe addictive physical response. These are salt, sugar and fat. All of these substances increase the natural release of dopamine in an individual’s body which in turn make you feel elated and want to have even more.

2. Meditate Daily : Meditation may help a food addict in certain ways. Food addiction can possibly overtaking your senses and mind, making you to lose all that clarity of mind. Meditation will help in restoring your focus thereby making it easy to engage in certain behavioral changes that may somehow support healthy eating habits.

3. Mind Your Stress Levels : Stress and anxiety may further trigger a food addict to stuff more food. Take out a few moments each day to engage in certain easy breathing exercises. Just this much will prevent you from binge eating. You may also indulge in certain physical activities like jogging, running or walking to keep a check on your stress levels.

4. Maintain a Food Journal : If you are overeating at times but are not sure how much or when, maintaining a food journal can help in identifying your problem spots. These food journals are really handy and can help in breaking free from food addiction.

5. Indulge in Mindful Eating : With bigger serving sizes comes overeating. Among the best ways to keep yourself from binge eating due to either boredom or emotional upheaval is to indulge in mindful eating. Never eat for having some comfort or emotional relief, instead try to eat only when you are really hungry.

6. Consume more Fats :Conventional health wisdom taught that in order to lose extra weight, a person needs to eliminate fats. Now, it is a widely accepted fact that low fat diets are not  that effective or aren’t healthy either. Low carbohydrates, high fat diets such as the ketogenic or commonly keto diet are super effective at shedding all those excess pounds. It is anyways highly recommended to have whole foods including fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, to stop thinking about junk food. Eating balanced meals is a key component in getting over food addiction.

7. Incorporate Certain Natural Appetite Suppressants :In case you keep thinking how to curb your food addiction, certain natural appetite suppressants may help. Natural appetite suppressants include fiber rich foods such as chia seeds, legumes, spices like turmeric, cayenne pepper and grapefruit essential oil. All of these can be used while you are preparing your food to help with those food cravings.

8. Try Intermittent Fasting : Intermittent fasting involves periods of feasting and fasting. The most commonly followed style of intermittent fasting is 16:8, wherein a person needs to fast for 16 hours and can eat all what he or she wants in a 8 hour window only. This has shown to improve insulin sensitivity, help in losing pounds and can help you in getting over food addiction too.

Home Remedies For Food Addiction:

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Home Remedies For Nicotine Addiction:

Most smokers abuse tobacco as they are extremely addicted to nicotine. Addiction   includes compulsive drug preoccupation and use, even after being completely aware of the negative health consequences. Majority of nicotine addicts feel like quiting it and every year about half of them try to quit it permanently. Unfortunately, only around 6 % of smokers are able to quit nicotine in a given year. [5] Most of the smokers require multiple attempts to be able to quit nicotine permanently.

Remaining without nicotine for long may cause an addict to experience irritability, nicotine craving, anxiety, depression, cognitive and attention issues, problems in sleeping and increased appetite. Let’s learn about home remedies that can help you in dealing with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms

1. Distract Yourself From Nicotine

Whenever nicotine cravings hit, try to distract yourself away from it. Eat a medium sized fruit or vegetable. Step outside for walking in some fresh air while you have something. Keeping yourself busy, can help you in staying away from nicotine. You may also try having a short nap.

2. Avoid Drinking

Avoid drinking alcohol, because nicotine cravings generally surge high whenever you are having a drink or two. Nicotine cravings may get even more when you drink. It is best to not put yourself in this situation.

3. Try Relaxing Before You Sleep

It may be best to have a bed-time daily ritual. Scented candles, bath bombs, soft music and essential oils may help you forget about those nicotine cravings. These may also help you in achieving a higher level of calmness and relaxation.

4. Exercise More

Get moving more to easily kick off that nicotine habit out of your life. Exercising bit more during the first one or two months after quitting nicotine can help in alleviating a number of withdrawal symptoms. Cravings, depression, irritability, restlessness and sleep quality may also significantly improve by few additional exercises.

5. Drink Water As Much As Possible

You should start carrying a reusable water bottle with yourself, whenever you step out of your home. Drinking plenty of water is indeed healthy and can distract you from those major cravings for nicotine. You may find that having more water can help in alleviating constipation too.

6. Start With An All New Hobby : Whenever you leave out nicotine from your life, it takes a bit too much to keep you well motivated to do so. You can start out with an all new hobby, to keep yourself inspired and motivated. This can be anything as learning some dance form, reading new books, learning a language or indulging in soccer. All of this will definitely help you stay away from nicotine.

Home Remedies For Nicotine Addiction:

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Home Remedies For Sugar Addiction:

All of us love to have something sugary, every now and then. In fact, most of us are born with a natural liking for it. And, since sweets are long associated with treats from our childhood, we feel the urge to have a decent amount of sugar. But unfortunately, sugar is really addictive. Not only just because we think it is, but sugar it really addictive. Sugar, according to certain studies, activates the similar receptors that are activated when we consume cocaine. It is bit difficult to fight those sugar cravings and give up sugar. Let’s discuss ways that can help you in breaking free from this very unhealthy sugar addiction.

1. Stay Hydrated All Day Long : Dehydration can result in major sugar cravings. Remaining well hydrated has a major impact on your energy levels. Whenever you feel like eating, you look out for a quick fix and sugar works well here too. So now on whenever you feel like having something sugary, have a tall glass of water instead and observe if it can solve your problem. You should try to maintain an adequate water intake all through the day to prevent dehydration.

2. Use Sugar Alternatives : If you are trying to avoid sugar, that does not indicates that you have to completely forego delicious desserts or sweets. You may also naturally sweeten foods with vanilla extract, stevia, cinnamon, and certain other low-carb fruits.

3. Consume More of Omega 3 Fatty Acids :Increasing consumption of healthy fats through your diet helps a person at various levels. Particularly, when you eliminate carbohydrates, you should ensure that you must consume fiber-rich vegetables and other healthy fats to fill your stomach. Omega 3 fatty acids have excellent anti inflammatory properties. When consumed regularly, these help in significantly reducing your sugar cravings.

4. Eat Plenty of Vegetables : We need a sufficient amount of fiber to maintain healthy digestion process, feeling fuller for longer, regulating blood sugar levels, promoting healthy gut bacteria, and significantly improving metabolism. Vegetables also provide a number of valuable nutrients that can help in decreasing your sugar cravings.

5. Have A Piece of Fruit Instead : Fruits have a decent amount of natural sugar that is packed in even more delicious parcel. You can thankfully eat better fruits if you are choosing the right ones, especially the lower carb fruits such as berries – blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

6. Chew on Fennel Seeds : Whole coriander and fennel seeds are easily available at all the health food stores and local supermarkets. Fennel seeds taste particularly good along with mild licorice herb for a refreshing flavor. Both of these seeds can be used in cooking.

7. Sip Licorice Root Tea : This tea has a wonderfully natural sweet flavor, similar to a licorice candy, so you can have it too see if that helps with your sugar cravings. Licorice root tea can also provide a number of other health benefits. That makes it rather important to add it to your list of home remedies for curbing your sugar cravings.

8. Become Physically Active : There are times when we have sugar cravings not just because we are hungry, but simply because we are a little bored or need some distraction. One of the most effective ways is to engage in physical activity. Start doing some exercises, go for a long walk, get busy in housework chores, sweat it out in a gym. When you are distracted and busy, you will observe that you don’t feel like reaching for those sugary snacks or even food.

Home Remedies For Sugar Addiction:

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Home Remedies For Caffeine Addiction:

Coffee is considered regular beverage as millions of people globally are used to having a cup of caffeine rich coffee, almost every morning. The primary reason as to why people are drinking coffee is because caffeine can significantly boost their mental focus and enhance alertness. Quitting caffeine can be extremely difficult for all the coffee addicts out there. Withdrawal symptoms from caffeine are quite intolerable as most people struggle with lags and severe headaches.  The most commonly observed side effects and signs include headaches, changes in blood circulation, dizziness, lethargy or laziness, upset stomach and even depression. Let’s understand ways that can help you in giving up caffeine easily and naturally.

1. Include Magnesium Rich Foods In Your Diet: It is really crucial to have a caffeine detox as your liver and kidney are seriously effected. Consuming certain organic foods that are naturally rich sources of magnesium can considerably detoxify your body. Try to consume more of bananas, almonds, yogurt and spinach for the same.

2. Have Vitamin C Rich Foods: Vitamins are highly recommended to  fight  the common cold and to effectively detoxify your body. Vitamin C is a great remedy for naturally treating caffeine headache. Vitamin C works as a natural brain stimulant and significantly relaxes your nerves. It helps in preventing scurvy and also work as an effective antibiotics to prevent a number of virus or bacterial infections.

3. Lavender Oil for Treating Caffeine Related Headache : Essential oils can be of great help if you want to have a healthy body. Lavender essential oil is one such natural oil that can works as an excellent brain stimulant. It can be used as a natural mood enhancer. Lavender oil can be considered as a perfect caffeine withdrawal therapy that can help you give up caffeine easily. Other similar oils such as ginger and lavender oils can help in alleviating certain caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

4. Drink More of Ginger Tea : Ginger has been long used as a great anti-bacterial and antiviral spice in Ayurveda. It has shown significant results while coping up with caffeine withdrawal migraines. It may also stimulates your mind and soothe your stomach along with liver detoxification. Ginger is a great natural remedy and can help in treating a number of health problems.

5. Indulge in Yoga and Meditation Regularly : Overall wellness is as crucial as getting over some kind of addiction is. Yoga and meditation are seriously powerful to help you leave those coffee cups easily. You can indulge in both of them in the early morning or evening, but it is considered to choose morning. Gradually, you can increase the time you for which doing meditation and yoga.

6. Consume Calcium Rich Foods : Having certain calcium rich foods in your daily diet can also help you in preventing colon cancer. It is recommended to have such calcium rich foods as they can significantly handle muscle tension and also regulate your blood pressure. Raw milk, cooked kale, cheese and cooked Broccoli must be consumed in generous amounts.

7. Drink Peppermint Tea : Peppermint tea has been long used since centuries for treating everything from headaches to digestive issues. You can also dab a little peppermint oil on your head for easing your headache or may even drink hot peppermint tea. As it is non-caffeinated so it can effectively keep you hydrated.

8. Sleep Enough : Although this is very much essential for your mental, physical and overall health, it can also help you with those caffeine withdrawal headaches. Normally, doctors and health care professionals recommend sleeping for seven to nine hours each day for optimal health.

Home Remedies For Caffeine Addiction:

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Getting over some kind of addiction was never easy and simple. It is a rather long, slow road to your recovery that requires significantly managing your carvings and urge for that particular substance. While the natural home remedies might not have as much reputation as their chemical counterparts, they still offer an all natural and side-effect free way to enhance your well-being and avoid a subsequent relapse. Hence, you should definitely give them a shot and try noticing your results.

However, certain addictions like drug and alcohol addiction can be rather serious. In case you are addicted to something as such, it is highly recommended to start the detox process only under strict medical supervision. Only doctor or your health care provider can help you overcome that serious and long-term addiction, without any possible health complications.

Did you enjoy reading our article? Did you follow any of the recommendations given below. Leave your recommendations, advices and feedback in the comments section below. We look forward to sharing more home remedies for treating various kinds of addiction with you very soon. Keep checking this space out for more home remedies. 

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