6 Home Workout Moves That You Can Do Using Household Things

6 Home Workout Moves That You Can Do Using Household Things cover

Nowadays most of us don’t get time to work out well or maintain our hygiene because we are so much busy with our work schedules that we are not able to manage our time. But now you don’t need to worry as we are going to share some simple workout exercises that you can do at home using household items.

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1. Deadlift with Bent-over Row using laundry basket

Deadlift with Bent-over Row using laundry basketimage source:

For this workout stand on your feet and keep your hips width apart by grasping a laundry basket loaded with clothes. Keep your shoulders away from ears and knees soft and bend forward till your waist is parallel to the ground. Now, bring your elbows at the back and bring the basket back to your chest. Now, gently, extend your arms and get back to the initial position.

2. Box jump on Couch

Box jump on Couchimage source:

Stand 6-inch away from your couch with feet and hips width apart. Now, bend your knees and move your arms in the forward direction to maintain the momentum and jump with both the feet up on the couch. And step back with one foot at a time.

3. Hip thruster using couch

Hip thruster using couchimage source:

For this workout lie down on the floor with heels on the cushion. Position yourself with hips width apart. Now, put some pressure on your arms and try to lift your hips and form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Then, release it with much control till your hips hover above the floor.

4. Mountain climber using slippery sock

Mountain climber using slippery sockimage source:

First, form a plank position with socked feet on the bare floor. Remember to stack your shoulders over the wrists and form a straight line from head to heels. Now, slide your left knee into the chest and slide on the floor and return to the initial position. Reverse it your legs to complete one rep.

5. Step up using chair

Step up using chairimage source:

First, step on the couch with your left foot. And, when you raise your right foot to meet the left bring down the left foot. Now, reverse the same both the feet to complete one rep.

6. Reverse lunge using wine hammer curl

Reverse lunge using wine hammer curlimage source:

Stand with your feet keeping hips width apart. Now, hold one bottle of wine in each hand and make sure to hold it with cork side up. Now by keeping your shoulders stacked over hips, step back with your left foot. Then, bend your both knees at 90 degrees as you fold your shoulders with a wine bottle and keeping cork side up. Gently, release your arms and step back to your initial position. Repeat the same with the other leg to complete one rep.

All of the above-mentioned exercises are inspired by the famous Instagram fitness trainer Ainsley Rodriguez. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with these amazing simple exercises and stay fit.