6 Amazing Medical Miracles Across The World


Many times, the doctors are considered to be close to the Gods. They do everything possible to bring back the life and maybe give us a second chance to make our life count. There are numerous examples in the history of the Medical Science wherein the doctor’s hand was just what a patient needed at the nick of the time. But, in some very critical and rarest of the cases, we need God and the doctor to work together and save lives.

Here are some real-life medical marvels which were near-impossible but, it was a miraculous escape from the death:

1. Rod through the cheek: Yes, it’s true. In the year 1848, a 3 feet long rod pierced through the cheeks of a factory foreman, Phineas Gage, who was working at a construction site. The doctors could successfully remove the spike (don’t know how) and he lived for another 11 years. But due to regular seizures and memory loss, he lost his life eventually.

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2. Cut in half: Not kidding at all! A man was literally cut into half when he faced a bad road accident. According to his critical condition, his chances to live was only 30%, but the doctors could manage to get him into one piece successfully. Now, he can walk normally with his bionic legs.

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3. Decapitated condition: Worst thing could ever happen to a person when his skull detaches from his spine (called as Orthopedic Decapitation). A 9-year-old child, Jordan Taylor survived this rare condition with the help of the expert doctors; and just after his 3 months recovery, he was seen playing happily with friends.

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4. Lakshmi’s rare condition: A baby girl was born in India who had four arms and legs. Though she was called as Goddess herself, the doctors knew that she has fewer days to survive. It was further found that actually the twins were fused into one body. After a 27 hour surgery, she was back to normal and all thanks to the doctors and God.

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5. Surviving without a heart: That’s really bizarre but true. A 14 years old girl had an organ transplant which needed her heart to be surgically removed for four long months (118 days); and yes, she could manage to survive without a heart for so many days. Indeed a Miracle!

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6. Eye lens made from a tooth: A person named Martin Joe became blind after an accident. There was no hope of the recovery of sight. But the intelligent doctors had a different plan. They made an artificial lens out of a canine tooth and now he can perfectly see!

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Aren’t these unbelievable miracles? If you know about more of such medical miracles, do share them with us.