5 Funny Differences Between Father & Mother


When God sent you in this world for the first time, your mother and father were already ready as they were waiting for your arrival. You had two custodians, person who will stay awake to give you company, people who will play with the baby nonstop. You had somebody for the washing, changing the diapers and also feeding you. There is no doubt that parents are the greatest thing that can ever happen to the most of the people.

Only those people who have had extremely bad parents can deny this. However, the style of parenting of a father and a mother would be poles apart when we compare it with each other. Below are some amusing points to make you realize what exactly we want to say.

1. When they feed baby

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Your mother would certainly give you small bites one by one. To make is cuter, she feeds you gently and steadily with phrases such as “my little baby”, “aaa”, “open your big mouth”, “oooh”, and few more. When it comes to the father they will insert the spoon in your mouth irrespective of how big the bite is.

2. When you take permission

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Suppose you are asking your mother if you can go to a soccer game after school. She will ask for the exact time. If you say that you need to go a little early, then be ready for questions like “How early? Make sure you are back by 8”. And just when you thought it’s over, she will say “ask your Father”. And when you ask dad if you can go to soccer practice after the school, he says “ok”. That’s it!

3. When baby has a new toy

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When your grandma gives you a toy. Maybe A bicycle? Your mother will validate that you learn how to use the new toy in a harmless manner. She will read all the directions on the booklet. Only after that, she is going to assist you to play with the toy. But Fathers? First and foremost thing is to overlook the booklet. Next, they will play with the toy and in case it is really a cycle, they will absolutely start the ride.

4. When the baby is having a bath

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Mothers will make certain they have all the things for safety. Father will perhaps just worry about the bathing toys and might even give the baby a dip or two (you know to make him/her tough). A mother going to place the baby very gently, rub and scrub the baby with soft hands. In contrast, Father will validate that there is enough bubble so that they can make your hair and beard with the bubble and click funny pictures.

5. The way they teach discipline

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When she is not happy or upset with you, stay away! Few signs that she is upset as she raises voice, she tone changes (becomes a bit scary), no TV for the entire day, saying that dad will deal when he gets home, and the best one “go to your room”. When you dad wants to teach you discipline, he lowers voice, say “listen to your mom” in a scary tone but also help you saying wait until mom is in a better mood!