10 Unhealthy Foods Which You Must Avoid

10 Unhealthy Foods Which You Must Avoid

Unhealthy foods may cause various diseases and we must avoid them at any cost to stay healthier. Some people eat to live while others live to eat, those who fall in the latter category, mostly acquire bad eating habits following their craziness for food, they somehow try to taste each and everything they get to know.

But there are several food items which could cause harm to our health, these items contain large amounts of fats, low density lipoproteins and trans fats which cause toxification if consumed excessively. Some of them could even cause food poisoning if taken in larger amounts.

Here’s a list of few unhealthy foods which you must avoid keeping yourselves healthy and fit.

1- Leftover Rice

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Do you use leftover rice in making new dishes in the next morning?
If yes, then leave this practice.
Several studies have confirmed that eating leftover rice kept at room temperature all night may be harmful to your health, as it contains some harmful and toxic bacteria named Bacillus Cereus that may cause diarrhea and vomiting often resulting in some more health related problems.
So, always use freshly prepared rice for serving and eating.

2- Artificially Dyed Food

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Blue colored food dyes may cause lethal damage to DNA and may also cause brain tumors, red dyes may cause thyroid tumor or lymphocyte cancer, bladder tumors may form due to green dyes, despite all these the yellow colored ones are the most dangerous and may cause asthma and other mental disorders.

Several children who excessively consume candies show violent and uncontrollable behavior, this may be due of the effect of these harmful artificial dyes which are used during the coloring and flavoring of candies.

So, make sure that your kid must stay away from these harmful food products that contain harmful additives which may affect their health.

3- Table Salt

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A recent study revealed that consumption of table salt which is served almost everywhere at restaurants, food courts and diners, could cause blood pressure alterations, liver malfunctioning, thyroid diseases or even kidney failure as it contains excessively high levels of Potassium Iodide.
Rather than consuming table salt, you must take natural salt in your diet that is highly rich in 80 essential elements which are required by human body.

4- Microwaved Popcorn

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Microwaved popcorns are carcinogenic as they contain harmful chemicals like Diacetyl Perfluorooctanoic acid.

When they are cooked under high temperatures inside the oven several of the chemical changes produce harmful acids in the popcorns which are harmful to human body.

So, stop eating micro waved popcorns, if you want to stay disease free.

5- Green Potatoes

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You must discard green potatoes kept in your kitchen as they consist of a toxic Glyco-alkaloid named Solanine which could be poisonous if consumed.
People may get affected from food poisoning, headache, diarrhea, coma or several other symptoms, it may also lead to death if consumed excessively.
So, avoid the use of greenish colored potatoes to remain healthy.

6- Palm Oil

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Palm oil consists of saturated fats which give us bad cholesterol and are unhealthy for us.
Many food items we commonly eat from outside stalls including crackers, soups, baked food items etc. are made up of palm oil.
Well, many people also use palm oil in their homes for cooking purposes due to lack of proper knowledge, they must quickly leave this unhealthy practice.
And if you are amongst those people who consume palm oil directly or indirectly, stop now.

7- Bitter Almonds

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Bitter Almonds have been banned in New Zealand and are declared illegal to purchase or sell, as they are potentially dangerous and can even cause the death of children if consumed.
They are known to contain cyanide which blocks our important receptors leading to organ failure, eventually extending up to death.
They are more dangerous for those people whose immune systems are weaker.

8- Foie Gras (Fat Liver)

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The process of making of Foie Gras is exceedingly cruel and barbarous, ducks or a goose are forcibly fed upon excessive food so as to make their liver swollen with fat deposition which ultimately gives an enhanced taste to this dish.
Despite being tasty, this dish is unhealthy and lacks nutrition, it would just add bad cholesterol to your body.
So, from now, whenever you visit any restaurant, make sure that you must avoid this dish to stay fit, keeping your body healthy and slim.

9- Mars Bar

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Mars Bar contains more than 1200 calories in per servings, they could increase your blood sugar level plus they would also increase your bad cholesterol level, giving you nothing but fat.

So, if you are fond of these delicious looking mars bars, reduce the regular intake to keep yourself healthy and fit.

10- Frosting

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There are many people who always crave for cakes and muffins with mouth-watering frostings, without thinking of the harmful effects of the extra sugar contained in them.
Well, let us clear ourselves regarding the nutritional content of these delicious food items.
They contain a lot of sugar, double the amount of sugar as compared to any plain bakery product, they could increase your cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. They could also result in obesity.
So, think twice before eating the cakes or muffins with frostings.