10 Superstars & Their Love For Tattoos


Tattoo art is very popular among celebs. All the tattoo quotes and sayings we see on the celebs body have their own stories. For these superstars, it is more than just a cool appearance, ink and a few words or design. To some, it might be a sweet memory, something they are really fond of, the state of mind, or a life-lesson which they strongly believe in and apply in everyday living. Let’s talk of 10 superstars, who have clearly expressed their love for Tattoos.

1. Sylvester Stallone:

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Action superstar Sylvester Stallone love tattoos and we can clearly see that in his latest movies like “The Expendables”. But according to the 70-year-old actor, he started getting the tattoos lately so that he can cover his injuries which he suffered during his action scenes. Tattoo artist Mike DeVries and Mario Barth are responsible for the amazing art on our Rocky Balboa.

2. Angelina Jolie:

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You cannot have a bigger proof that a woman looks even sexier when she has a Tattoo on her body. Sultry siren Angelina Jolie has around a dozen tattoos over her body. She has also experienced with the removal of the tattoo. We don’t see her body art in her movies as remain covered, thanks to the makeup artist.

3. Dwayne Johnson:

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Another superstar from the action world – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who proudly displays his massive tattoo. A complicated tribal design of Polynesia, which starts from the left side of his chest, covers his shoulder and finish on his left arm in a half-sleeve design. He also has a tattoo of a bull on his upper right arm, from his wrestling days.

4. David Beckham:

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Sometimes, it is really difficult to calculate what David Beckham love more – Football or Tattoos. This superstar from Soccer world has around 40 tattoos all over his body. And if we believe rumors, almost all of Beckham’s tattoos have been inked by Louis Malloy, a tattoo artist with 24 years of experience.

5. Megan Fox:

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With around 9 designs on her body, Megan Fox has shown that she is a big fan of tattoo art. As per rumors, Megan has told many of her close friends that she will quit Hollywood if she ever gets rejected for a role due to her tattoos. According to her…

“My tattoos are a little f-you to anyone who tells me not to…”

6. Johnny Depp:

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One of the greatest Hollywood actor and his greater-than-life characters. With around 30 design all over his body, Johnny Depp has shown his love for the tattoos. His first tattoo was reportedly a Cherokee Indian chief. He inked it to honor the tribal heritage. The tattoo was made on the right side of his bicep.

7. Rihanna:

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Tattoos are almost an addiction for singing sensation Rihanna. According to the 29-year-old hottie, it is like a culture for her and she studies about it. The Barbadian singer is believed to of had her first tattoo in 2006 (two musical notes on her foot). Currently, she has around 20 tattoos all over her body.

8. LeBron James:

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NBA legend LeBron James is another superstar who is crazy for tattoos. If you are thinking how many tattoos he has inked on his body, the answer will surprise you. The 32-year-old has 42 tattoos all over his body. One of the oldest and perhaps the biggest tattoo he has is ‘Chosen 1’ – on the upper side of the back, stretching from shoulder to shoulder.

9. Lady Gaga:

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Lady Gaga has always been a popular figure owing to her unique style. And when it comes to her lover for tattoos, she is no different. The pop sensation has around 14 designs over her body which includes flower design on her hip, a German tattoo on her left hand, and a unicorn design on her left thigh. Interestingly, most of her tattoos are on her left side of the body.

10. Eminem:

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Eminem is one of the most famous and talented rappers in the world. Apart from an astonishing rapper, the 44-year-old is a songwriter, actor and a producer. Not only his talent but his tattoos are also very famous among his fans. Eminem has inked 9 tattoos over his body and all of them has its own story.