10 People Who Got Success Only After Turning 40


We know a lot of success stories of the famous personalities including actors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, etc. who achieved great heights when they were pretty young. Yes, they are also our role models somewhere too and make us really think how they reached great heights. But, not all got what they wanted in the early stage of their lives. Some of them had to struggle and keep their patience for kissing success. They teach us to have passion and perseverance, and not to let go your dreams come what may.

We have come up with the list of 10 such famous personalities who achieved success after they turned 40 years old. Have a look:

1. Samuel L. Jackson:

“The Avengers” star Samuel Jackson, is said to be one of those Hollywood actors who have worked hardest to achieve their dreams. Jackson got fame after his work in the movie, “Pulp Fiction”- 1994 where he acted a role of Jules Winnfield. He was 46 years old that time. Before that, he wasn’t a known figure at all.

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