10 Major Problems Faced By The Youth Today


Youth is the best phase to cherish throughout our life. Those happy and funny moments with friends, punishments after incomplete homework, friends’ birthday parties, too much to memorize, too much to laugh at, too much to live.

But today’s youths are totally outclassed, despite being advantaged, they are a troubled species. They don’t like to get pampered, they try to be more mature and want to handle everything by their own. The reason can be their sense of freedom and maturity which results in innumerable problems. Youth is the future of every country but facing such problems it is going in the dark. These are 10 problems that the youths of today are facing:

10. Single parent households

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Everything starts from home, problems too. When kids see their parents fighting and living under different roofs, their childhood suffers. The trend of being a single parent is highly dangerous and can lead to some very serious issues.

9. Early maturity

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In earlier times, kids enjoyed being kids. But now, the time has changed completely. With the advent of the internet, kids are flooded with unwanted information. They are unveiled with some mature content too which is not at all good for their minds. Nowadays, kids are getting intimate with their partners because everyone else is doing it.

8. Drugs and Alcohol

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Holding a cigarette in my hand makes me a man! Smoking a cigarette is not even justified in the world of cinema now. But today, consumption of alcoholic substances like alcohol, cigarette and drugs has become a status symbol in the society. They are assumed as cool stuff.

7. Materialism

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Being materialistic is one’s individual choice, but today society is encouraging this materialistic nature. Having a good phone, a big car, branded clothes has become a fashion statement. Today, people run after materialistic things. The reason behind the youngsters give up on materialism is due to the expectations of the society.

6. Unhealthy lifestyle and Obesity

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What is the reason behind obesity? Do you know? Junk food, video games, internet and TV can be blamed fully. Today, kids are more into indoor games rather than outdoor games. They prefer video games, watching TV, surfing the internet rather than playing outside. Junk food is also becoming the strongest reason behind it as today’s youth prefer junk food over homemade food.

5. Violence in schools

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When we talk about schools, we mean safety, good education, a sacred place. Schools play a vital role in making young talents. But increasing cases of crime in schools in the form of ragging makes us lose our sleep. Crimes like suicide, fighting are very far from minor cases like bullying.

4. Poverty

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Poverty is always a big issue all around the globe. Many countries are fighting to eradicate it. Most of the people have no idea that 50% of the population in the world hardly get a square meal a day.

3. Education Disparity

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Education is everyone’s birth right and should be on a priority list. A good education can change one’s life by giving a bag full of opportunities. Education is not good or bad, there is nothing like the quality of education. It plays a vital role and can be a boon to an individual’s life.

2. Economy

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In yesteryears, getting a job was not tough as you can easily get a job in a factory and can work there for the rest of your life. In those days, one would not need to have a degree. But today, multiple degrees also cannot guarantee you a successful and a stable job.

1. Juvenile delinquency

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In today’s scenario, the nature of the youngsters is very problematic as they get hyper very easily. Their impatience leads to crime like blackmail, rapes, molestation, murders, theft.