10 factors diabetic patients need to take care while sleeping with wife or GF!


Every cloud has a silver lining and it is true with diabetes as well at least, to some extent. Because health experts believe that diabetic condition forces a man to live a more controlled and hygienic life provided the patient takes care of the insulin level in his body.

Health experts have studied patients who remained alive with diabetes for more than 50 years after the condition was detected in them. Experts credit it to the factor that Diabetic patient tends to take care of himself or herself more than a diabetic free person.

“The diabetic persons eat cautiously, walk cautiously and behave cautiously because the fear sets them on track while as diabetic free persons keep on eating and drinking whatever they like. This sometimes backfires and leads to severe medical problems,” Dr. Michael Lewis, a health expert said.

Do you know a diabetic patient can enjoy a healthy sex life as well? Health experts say that it works like insulin for your bodies as it lowers blood pressure. But the patient has to first regulate the insulin level in his or her body. He or she should unhook insulin supply and eat something to avoid becoming hypoglycemic.

Here is the list of these factors which a diabetic patient needs to take care of for enjoying a healthy sex life

1. Do not mix sex and drink

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Health experts advise diabetic patients to avoid mixing sex and drink. The reason is both results in depleting blood sugar level. So it is necessary to check the glucose level before deciding to get intimate with wife or girlfriend.

2. Heat up the bodies by vibrator or gentle caressing in case of nerve damage

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It has been seen that sometimes nerve damages makes genitals insensitive in diabetic patients. The condition can be overcome by using a vibrator and also by gentle caressing before sex all over the body especially at pressure points.

3. Lubricate your genitals

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Women who suffer from diabetes usually claim that their organ is dry. For these ladies, it is very much necessary to have water based lubricants close to the bed. But health experts advise against using petroleum products. Because they can damage the contraceptives and thus lead to infection.

4. Daily exercise is very vital

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Without exercise normal human being turns into a fatty package and the condition of diabetes tends to get worse by living a sedentary lifestyle. If a diabetic patient wants to have a good sex life then exercise is a must for him like oxygen is for the body. It will improve sensitiveness of your genitals by increasing blood flow to them. Exercise is still must whether the persons is or not sexually active in bed.

5. See your doctor

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Health experts advise diabetic patients for a regular checkup of medical conditions like High Blood sugar, bacterial infection, and painful sex etc. Urinary tract infection should be immediately reported to the doctor. The signs are a pain, bloody or dark urine. Health experts say it is good to refrain from sexual activities during this period to prevent urinal infections. There are some remedies in the market to cure these conditions. Once these conditions are treated, then you can resume your activities.

6. Consider treating impotence naturally

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Impotence can be treated through natural remedies as well. Erectile dysfunction is a common issue with diabetic patients. But make sure to see a doctor first, because ginkgo biloba like herbs which are very useful can interact with other medicines as well.

7. Prevent yeast infections

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It is very important for a diabetic to prevent yeast infection. Female organ is said to be the most favorable place for yeast thriving as its lining contains high glucose levels along with moisture and warmth. Apart from it keep sugar level under check. Some products like douches and soaps often aggravate the infection. Older women after menopause face it more due to drop in estrogen level. Avoid moist cloth wrapping around your genitals.

8. Treat erection problem via health experts

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It is very much important to discuss problems like erectile dysfunction with doctors. It can have many reasons. One it can be caused by nerve damage, second it can be caused by low blood flow. Blood pressure medicines can also lead to erectile dysfunction. You may be surprised to know that more than 60 percent males who suffer from diabetes have this problem. Doctors know it already so they would definitely help you to get out of this condition.

9. Know why your libido factor has dropped down

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If your sex drive is at lowest ebb and you are not feeling anything, your doctor can help you in this condition. A possible reason could be a hormonal problem or a set of medicines you have been taking to treat some of your health problems. If you feel, the environment or some psychological problem are the reason then the sex counsellor can help you to come out of this condition.

10. Enjoy massages if you feel sex drive is still low

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If you do not want to have sex due to some reason or you are too old to go for it, then you can derive pleasure by having orally. Try trading massages to have intimate pleasure. Relaxation results in reducing stress inducing hormones. When hormones are reduced, the blood sugar tends to come towards a normal level. This kind of touching will help you in improving the relationship with your spouse. She will start caring for you. Otherwise, partners do not feel anything for each other when the sex drive lessens.